Robinhood Considers Launching Crypto Futures in US and Europe

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  • Robinhood is considering expanding operations into cryptocurrency futures in the US and Europe following the planned acquisition of Bitstamp for around $200 million.
  • The acquisition of Bitstamp will grant access to licenses to offer perpetual futures for Bitcoin and other digital assets in Europe.
  • They are also evaluating launching futures on the CME for Bitcoin and Ether in the US, capitalizing on the increased demand post-approval of Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs.

According to a recent report, Robinhood, the popular trading platform, is contemplating expanding its operations into cryptocurrency futures in the United States and Europe. The decision comes after the announcement of the acquisition of Bitstamp Ltd. for $200 million, an operation that will strengthen its presence in the European crypto market.

The acquisition of Bitstamp, based in Luxembourg, will provide Robinhood access to the necessary licenses to offer perpetual futures for Bitcoin and other digital assets in Europe. The platform aims to diversify its offerings and capitalize on interest in cryptocurrency derivatives, which surpassed spot trading volume in May, reaching $3.69 trillion according to CCData.

As for the United States, Robinhood is also considering the possibility of launching futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) for Bitcoin and Ether. They seek to leverage the growing demand for cryptocurrency-linked financial products, which has surged following the approval of Bitcoin and Ethereum exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The introduction of these products has helped legitimize investments based on crypto assets.

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Robinhood Receives Wells Notice from the SEC

However, a Robinhood spokesperson clarified that they currently have no immediate plans to launch these offerings. Discussions are ongoing, and final decisions are still pending. The company aims to proceed cautiously given the regulatory complexity and market conditions.

These expansions are part of a comprehensive strategy following the acquisition of Marex FCM in March, which granted them the necessary license to offer futures in the United States. However, there are regulatory challenges ahead, such as the SEC’s Wells notice.

With the pending acquisition of Bitstamp and the exploration of new opportunities, Robinhood has what it takes to lead in the futures market and digital asset trading in both Europe and the United States.


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