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Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) is Now Present in Japan

Through a partnership with the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University in Japan, Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) now has a presence in Japan. The two are the most recent partners to join UNBRI and increase the number of UBRI partners to 33. Through their combined force, the partners can accelerate their analysis centered on innovation in the blockchain, digital payments, and crypto-asset space.

Japan, as a region has been at the forefront of innovative developments coming from Japan’s crypto and blockchain sector. At the forefront of the innovations are universities such as Kyoto and Tokyo and now through UBRI, they can go further. UBRI is a global initiative from Ripple that brings together top universities to provide scholarships carry out research, curricula development, and organize conference or events. With funds in place from Ripple, the 33 firms can focus on the outlined objectives. Each partner has the liberty of choosing his or her specific focus areas.

Specific Areas Tokyo and Kyoto University Will Focus On

Although every partner chooses a sector they will focus on, for the above, their previous cooperation with Ripple will form the basis of their area of expertise. For Kyoto, its Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability will continue with its work. Furthermore, Kyoto will go on with organizing workshops and fundraisers for the mentioned projects. Funds raised will go to fund application development in the blockchain sector whose primary role is to solve global issues. Kyoto already has students researching on how to apply blockchain in the remittance money, identity management, and supply chain management sector.

On the other hand, the University of Tokyo will continue with its role of awarding scholarships to students doing their research in the blockchain space. Similarly, their previous work through their Department of Economics in organizing open seminars in the blockchain and settlement space will continue. Furthermore, the partnership between the professors and UBRI will be handy especially with the current research programs.

Through UBRI increasing their global footprint, it is quite easy for all partners to support each other during research. Furthermore, with UBRI having partners in a region like Japan, their innovations and advancement in the blockchain space will help fast track research. Similarly, it will help educate, prepare, and equip the next generation of developers in the blockchain space with the right knowledge.

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