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RippleNet Received SOC 2 Certification

Ripple announced a new certification for RippleNet. The System and Organization Controls 2 (SOC 2) certification for RippleNet means the network is secure and private in a professional way and can serve enterprises at an optimal level.

Ripple believes that this network can help more businesses find access to could-based payment solutions, and the new certification confirms that. RippleNet experienced considerable growth in 2020 and aims for higher achievements in 2021, especially in the finance sector.

Blockchain-Based Infrastructure for Financial Institutions

Among the major blockchain projects, Ripple is one of those that significantly focuses on improving the traditional systems. It offers instant payment solutions to businesses and individuals. Besides, RippleNet is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses access global payment networks more straightforward. In the past year, many enterprises decided to change their structures to more modern solutions, many of them chose RippleNet as their primary payment network. It resulted in profitable growth for this network.

Using RippleNet, financial institutions can deploy innovative payment infrastructure in only five weeks. The ease of use and security that RippleNet offers to enterprises resulted in doubling cloud transaction volumes every eight weeks in 2020. The network has always looked for excellent security for businesses, and the recent SOC 2 certification somehow confirms those efforts.


An independent CPA gives the SOC 2 certification to products and businesses. It’s a combination of reports that confirm the high security and privacy level in a product. Those reports describe the security abilities of RippleNet, and customers can find useful information in them. The new certification gives customers the ease of mind when choosing RippleNet.

Ripple now greatly focuses on the security level of RippleNet after receiving the SOC 2 certification. The latest press release about RippleNet says:

“Scalability and flexibility are the main characteristics of cloud-based solutions. These benefits help financial institutions rapidly address customer demands by adjusting quickly to changing environments. When dramatic shifts in behavior happen overnight — just as we saw with the step increase in online shopping brought about by the pandemic — cloud solutions are the main drivers for ensuring continuity and minimizing disruptions.”

SOC 2 certification is accepted industry-wide. Many software projects rely on that as a seal of approval to show their security capabilities. RippleNet can now focus on this certification to find new enterprise customers. Ripple now hopes that the latest certification results in more adoption for RippleNet Cloud in 2021.

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