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RigoBlock: efficient asset management with blockchain

On many occasions we have said that one of the most crucial applications of the blockchain technology is related to financial services. Security, speed, efficiency and verifiability, among other features make blockchain a technology of essential consideration. In this context we will talk about RigoBlock and its asset management platform.

RigoBlock was born in order to provide the fund management industry with a blockchain protocol capable of developing applications. RigoBlock’s formulism gives its clients new types of incentives to align their interests through the performance test algorithm, eliminating commissions for administrative concepts and fund performance.

This innovative platform seeks to reinvent the asset management industry to make it accessible to all with the incorporation of new operators and an asset management system that is simple, transparent, meritocratic and democratic, that is why Rigoblock reinvents the way of capturing, developing and administer tokenized assets.

It is necessary to mention that the performance test is an algorithm that rewards operators based on the assets and performance of the groups they are executing. Pool operators are rewarded with GRG tokens, a token compatible with ERC-20 native to the Rigoblock protocol.

A company with values

RigoBlock workers stick to their commitments and act consistently in order to provide an efficient and honest service. Among the main values ​​that characterize the organization include:

  • Reliability:

They created a grouped bulletproof token management system.

  • Accessibility:

Asset management is now available to everyone.

  • Transparency:

The client is offered a completely decentralized framework.

  • Passion:

Passion and talent in trading is vital for quality service.

  • Meritocracy:

The RigoBlock community is offered an effective reward mechanism instead of traditional fees.

A more innovative and simple system

RigoBlock is a protocol implemented in the public block chain Ethereum, making it a determining factor or a base layer itself to create new applications for asset management. Its components aim to simplify operations for those seeking to offer applications.

RigoBlock can work in conjunction with open platforms and protocols to take advantage of external markets, in order to adopt users and token exchange execution. The modular structure, which allows external developers to customize the structure of the protocol and take advantage of the native incentive mechanism, allows unprecedented flexibility in the development of applications for asset management.

Collaborators of RigoBlock:

The group operators, Wizards, are specialized agents that create and execute groups of digital tokens. There are the holders that are the users that need to organize their tokens. The developers, on the other hand, are agents that extend the protocol.

A useful token on the platform

The GRG token is very useful, since it meets the requirements stipulated by Switzerland, likewise, the token serves the following 3 purposes: access, incentives and government.


Users who wish to access the portal https://beta.rigoblock.com must have 1 GRG token, this will help limit the access of malicious people to the portal, while it is a safeguard measure for users.

Likewise, the performance test algorithm instantly rewards the group operators and to qualify for the reward, each group operator must have a minimum dynamic amount of GRG tokens.

To know more details about this platform, we recommend checking your White Paper, as well as joining your Telegram channel.

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