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Rights to Bitcoin Trademark Belonged To the Escobar Family Before Craig Wight Came To the Picture

On the 27th of July 2018, an application was lodged in the United States Patent and Trademark Office to own rights to Bitcoin trademark by no other than the brother of the late Colombian drug pin Pablo Escobar, Roberto de Jesús Escobar Gaviria. Per the document from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the application had two signatories one by Roberto de Jesús Escobar Gaviria and Olof Kyros Gustafsson. The applications come under Coin Legal Ltd, a UK registered company.

Per the document, Olof Kyros Gustafsson is the director of Coin Legal Ltd, but he is the CEO of Escobar Inc. On the other hand, the application filed also shows Roberto de Jesús Escobar Gaviria, who is also known as the little bear as the founder of the firm.

Coin Legal Ltd Owned Rights to the Trademark for Four Months

After Coin Legal Ltd got hold of the rights to the Bitcoin trademark, Craig Wright came into the picture after four months claiming he is the owner behind the Bitcoin trademark. However, Coin Legal Ltd had owned rights to the Bitcoin trademark for four full months after registering their entity in the UK. With Craig Wright coming in hot with his trademark claim in November 2018, the US patents and trademarks office was forced to issue a letter to Litter bear’s firm Coin Legal Ltd to solve the conflict. The latter was given six months to contest the allegation brought forth. However, after six months, the former didn’t file their response to the rights claim, and Craig Wright went ahead to claim ownership to the rights.

Although the two claims both have a different description for the use of the patent, Craig Wright’s description goes deeper than that of Litter bear’s firm. Apart from getting mixed reactions from the crypto community concerning Craig Wright claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto, according to the US copyright office owning rights doesn’t mean Craig Wright is indeed Satoshi Nakamoto. The copyrights office explained further and said;

“Upon receiving documents from an applicant for registration at our office, the Copyright Office doesn’t carry out any further investigations to ascertain the truth of the statements in the submitted documents.” So Craig can’t claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto due to just owning rights to the Bitcoin trademark.

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