RepubliK Launches AI-Powered SocialFi Platform in Partnership with AWS

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  • RepubliK launches the first SocialFi platform with AI to evaluate content quality and user engagement.
  • AI ensures creators are compensated for the real value of their contributions, not just popularity.
  • The social network is committed to layer 2, multichain, and innovation to build a more connected and rewarding future for online communities.

RepubliK, a Web3 social network project, has unveiled its first SocialFi platform powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed in collaboration with AWS AI. Following this launch, the company aims to adopt layer 2 solutions and transition to a multichain infrastructure in the second quarter of this year.

The platform uses AI tools to evaluate content quality and user engagement. Specifically, AI is used to discern what type of content generates meaningful interactions, rather than focusing solely on the most popular content. By prioritizing quality over quantity, the social network seeks to offer a superior user experience that rewards genuine engagement.

Beyond using AI for content recommendation, RepubliK’s approach focuses on evaluating the depth and quality of user interactions, allowing it to determine content quality based on their intensity.

AI will also be integrated into the reward system to ensure that creators are compensated based on the real value of their contributions. RepubliK aims to build an ecosystem that fosters high-quality content creation and authentic community interactions.

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RepubliK Reshapes Social Media Engagement

RepubliK has also revealed plans to adopt a layer 2 solution to facilitate more efficient transactions and migrate to a multichain infrastructure, making the social network compatible with multiple blockchains. These key improvements, expected to be operational in two months, will optimize transactions and support the platform’s growing user base.

Despite the challenges facing the SocialFi sector, such as scalability, regulatory hurdles, and the need for user education, its future remains optimistic. Developers continue to push the boundaries, seeking new ways to reshape online interactions and offer users a more decentralized, secure, and rewarding social media experience.

RepubliK, with its innovative AI-powered platform, is at the forefront of this movement, aiming to build a more connected and enriching future for online communities.


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