RelayX Acquires Streamanity, the Streaming Platform Focused on Monetizing for Content Creators

RelayX Acquires Streamanity, the Streaming Platform Focused on Monetizing for Content Creators
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Relay Trade Limited is the owner of RelayX Superwallet, the Bitcoin BSV superwallet founded in 2019. It announced buying the video streaming platform. This streaming platform, founded in 2018, provides monetizing features to content creators.

Streamanity is kind of a sister project to RelayX as it is based on Bitcoin BSV, too. The platform uses micropayments to provide making money from each view to content producers. Viewers can earn BSV, too, by sharing videos. They can also pay directly to the creator.

The ad-free platform, with the possibility of microtransactions, tries to gain attraction from video streamers. With the broader support from RelayTrade Limited, it can focus more on marketing and user growth.

Sumanth Neppalli and Shravan Shandilya, makers of, commented about the new merger:

“We thank our investors and the BSV community for being supportive from the initial phase. Although the concept worked well within the BSV community, we faced difficulty in gaining more users because of our inexperience in marketing. We, the co-founders also decided to part ways to pursue other endeavors. After meeting Jack at Cambrian, we decided he had the best vision on taking Streamanity forward. We wish him the best of luck and hope Streamanity continues on to become a huge success.”

RelayX’s managers believe in Streamanity as a famous brand for the BSV community as it interacts with more regular users.

“Streamanity is a pioneering video platform that is a significant brand within the BSV ecosystem and when the opportunity came to become stewards of the platform, we jumped on it. We thank the co-founders Sumanth and Shravan for their vision, dedication, and entrusting us with its future. We hope to make meaningful improvements to Streamanity for the betterment of its amazing class of content creators and viewers both current and future,“ said Jack C. Liu, Founder of

As a result of the merger, the transferred to the RelayX development team. Plans include a backlog of customer support tickets and growing the platform to address the needs of global users.


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