Record Weekly Inflows Propel Digital Assets Investments, Ethereum and Solana See Outflows

Record Weekly Inflows Propel Digital Asset Investments to New Heights, Ethereum and Solana See Outflows
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  • Record revenue of US$2.9 billion in digital assets investment products.
  • Year-to-date revenues exceed last year’s totals.
  • Bitcoin dominates the revenue streams, accounting for 97% of the total.

In an exciting turn of events in the world of digital finance, digital assets investment products have achieved record revenues this week, surpassing the US$2.9 billion mark.

This achievement marks a new weekly record, surpassing the previous record of US$2.7 billion set the previous week.

Revenue from this period has brought the year-to-date total to an impressive US$13.2 billion, eclipsing last year’s total revenue of US$10.6 billion.

This increase in investment in digital assets reflects growing investor confidence in this emerging and constantly evolving market.

Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, has dominated revenue streams once again, accounting for a staggering 97% of total revenue so far this year.

However, also notable is the increase in income from Bitcoin short positions, which experienced their highest income in a year, totaling US$26 million.

Despite these notable achievements in the digital assets investment space, there were some difficulties for smart contract platforms, such as Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon, which experienced fund outflows last week.

These outflows, which totaled US$14 million, US$2.7 million and US$6.8 million respectively, suggest challenges for these platforms in the short term.

Record Weekly Inflows Drive Digital Asset Investments to New Heights, Ethereum and Solana Experience Fund Outflows

In regional terms, the United States recorded the largest income flows in Digital Assets

With US$2.95 billion, while other countries such as Australia, Brazil and Hong Kong also experienced positive revenue streams.

However, some countries such as Canada, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland experienced outflows of funds totaling a combined US$78 million.

Additionally, trading volumes for digital assets remained strong, totaling US$43 billion for the week, representing 47% of global Bitcoin trading volume.

Global exchange-traded products (ETPs) also reached a significant milestone by surpassing the US$100 billion mark for the first time.

The digital asset investment industry continues to demonstrate its robustness and capacity for growth, with record revenue figures and strong Bitcoin market share.

Although there are challenges for some specific platforms, the overall picture is one of optimism and confidence in the long-term potential of this constantly evolving sector.


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