Rarimo Launches RariMe, A Privacy-Focused Competitor to Worldcoin’s Identity Verification

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  • RariMe uses zero-knowledge proofs (ZK) to verify identity without revealing personal information, scanning passports through smartphones.
  • RariMe will allow the implementation of programmable airdrops targeted at citizens of certain countries, maintaining users’ privacy and anonymity.
  • Vitalik Buterin presented Rarimo’s “Freedom Tool,” an online voting tool that allows Russian citizens to vote anonymously using ZK technology.

Rarimo launches RariMe, an innovative application designed to revolutionize online identity verification. The tool was recently introduced. It aims to position itself as a direct alternative to Worldcoin, allowing users to generate zero-knowledge proofs (ZK) of their passports. This process facilitates the verification of each individual’s uniqueness without the need to reveal their personal identity.

The launch of RariMe is a milestone in identity verification technology, differentiating itself from WLD, which uses orbs to scan eyeballs. RariMe, on the other hand, employs smartphones to scan passports, offering a more accessible and practical solution. Its method ensures that no personal data is shared during the verification process, thus maintaining user privacy.

Kitty Horlick, director of Rarilabs, explained that this technology allows decentralized applications (Dapps) to control elements with citizenship or age proofs, similar to humanity proofs. “RariMe facilitates anonymous and secure interaction in Web3, providing users with an unprecedented level of privacy,” stated Horlick.

Previously, Rarimo launched an anonymous referendum to assess the legitimacy of Vladimir Putin’s victory in the Russian elections, demonstrating its ability to manage highly complex and sensitive projects. Now, the company plans to use ZK passports to implement programmable airdrops targeted at citizens of certain countries.

RariMe: Privacy is Freedom

Lasha Antadze, co-founder of Rarilabs, spoke about the importance of privacy in the digital age. “Privacy is freedom, and it no longer exists in online spaces. RariMe seeks to change this, allowing users to interact truly anonymously and securely,” commented Antadze.

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Meanwhile, Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, introduced Rarimo’s “Freedom Tool,” an online voting tool that also uses zero-knowledge proof technology. This tool allows Russian citizens to prove their citizenship and vote anonymously, aiming to address the logistical and security challenges inherent in traditional voting systems.

Buterin argues that ZK proofs can transform modern democratic systems, allowing confidential transactions and protecting sensitive data. According to him, ZK technology resolves the dilemma between verification and anonymity, creating a safer and more reliable online environment.

The “Freedom Tool” is still in beta, but its success could pave the way for broader adoption and the implementation of use cases worldwide. Thus, Rarimo positions itself not only as a pioneer in the field of identity verification but also as a leader in protecting privacy in the digital age.


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