Rarible Introduces RaribleX: Aims to Widespread NFT Adoption

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The Rarible platform announced the launch of RaribleX, an NFT marketplace solution designed to empower brands and developers in the world of Web2 and Web3.

This new platform offers a comprehensive solution that allows for the launch and development of digital communities through NFTs. A significant step that opens the doors to greater adoption of this technology and aims to bring NFTs to mass consumption levels.

One of the most notable aspects of RaribleX is its user-friendliness and accessibility, allowing brands, communities, and artists who want to create their fully customized NFT marketplaces to do so intuitively and effortlessly. With a focus on branding and the user experience.

RaribleX enables complete customization, including search and user interface. This versatility makes NFT marketplace creation more accessible and appealing to a broader audience.

Rarible Promises to Catapult the NFT Market

Furthermore, a notable announcement was the partnership with renowned brands such as Mattel, Animoca, and McFarlane, who will be among the first to leverage RaribleX.

This partnership demonstrates the confidence of these brands in the platform and its potential to boost their NFT strategies.

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Furthermore, it is an indication that the adoption of NFTs goes beyond art and collection, becoming a tool for community engagement and brand loyalty.

RaribleX also addresses a common challenge in the world of NFTs: creating and participating in online communities. NFTs are not just about collectible digital items; they can also be used to build and strengthen online communities.

This is particularly important for brands looking to engage their followers and create unique experiences for them.

RaribleX provides the necessary tools to create these communities and offers brands the opportunity to interact more meaningfully with their audience.

On the other hand, RaribleX excels in its ability to reduce friction in launching NFTs and secondary NFT markets. Some of the tools it offers include a distribution space that encompasses open edition drops, auctions, and a variety of minting mechanisms.

It also allows access to Rarible listings from multiple chains and markets, making it easier to create secondary NFT markets.

Furthermore, it provides custom control over fees and creator royalties, which is essential to ensure that artists are fairly rewarded.

The integration with MetaMask and Coinbase on Ethereum and Polygon further extends its reach, allowing users to conveniently access the platform. Additionally, the credit card payment option is a step towards making NFTs more accessible to people outside the Web3 space, which can help expand NFT adoption.


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