Rain Forest Foundation Sends Its Appeal to the Crypto Community to Help Save the Amazon

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Innovation in the crypto sphere is what seems to be the driving force of the whole industry. However, for Rain Forest Foundation, the foundation sees the innovativeness of crypto users as its way out in getting funds to support its projects in the Amazon.

Though the firm itself isn’t new in the crypto sphere, having launched various projects including its coin BitSeeds, the foundation has not been successful.

However, according to Suzanne Pelletier, the Executive Director at the Rainforest Foundation, the halted crypto projects, donations, and businesses haven’t generated enough. In the official press release, Pelletier said;

“Thanks to businesses, we have been able to reach this far. However, due to overreliance on donations, we won’t go any further; that’s why we need innovative solutions. At the moment, crypto users are the most creative people we have come across. Hence, our appeal to the community at large.”

With the Amazon forest fires having increased by 75% since Jair Bolsonaro assumed office, the foundation needs more than $100 million to fight the fires. The latter led the company to devising new ways to help it reach its target.

Apart from accepting donations in Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin among other cryptocurrencies, the foundation also set out to work with Regen Network.

Through its work with Regen Network, the parties agreed to create a transparency platform based on blockchain technology to track its work in the Amazon Forest. By monitoring the foundation’s work, any donor can be part of Rain Forest intuitive by rewarding communities working with Rain Forest in crypto.

Though the foundation is part of the crypto community, it is urging its fellow enthusiasts to join #CryptoFireFighter coalition and help stop fires in the Amazon. Apart from donating to the foundation’s goal, crypto oriented organizations can also sponsor a project, and the honor will go to the respective firm. If you want to be part of the foundations as a sponsor, please reach out to Rain Forest via [email protected].

While the above is a call to action for donors, as an entity Rain Forest Foundation is proud of its past projects in the crypto space. Some of its projects include exploring simple tokens for direct payments, Jungle Kitty its form of Crypto Kitties and raising funds through CryptoCare.


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