QuickNode Introduces zkSync Hyperchains Support, Paving the Way for Blockchain Innovation

QuickNode Introduces zkSync Hyperchains Support, Paving the Way for Blockchain Innovation
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  • QuickNode and Matter Labs partner to deliver zkSync Hyperchains, a secure and scalable blockchain solution.
  • zkSync Hyperchains allow companies to create custom solutions with high privacy and speed.
  • The collaboration seeks to drive enterprise adoption of blockchain by simplifying integration and fostering innovation.

In the business world, the adoption of blockchain technologies remains a key priority for those seeking security, scalability, and privacy without compromises.

In this regard, QuickNode, a leading blockchain infrastructure provider, has taken a significant step forward by announcing its partnership and support for zkSync Hyperchains.

This new addition to its custom chain offering promises to revolutionize the blockchain innovation landscape.

zkSync Hyperchains are zkEVM instances that operate alongside the zkSync mainnet, offering a modular and customizable solution for implementing interoperable zk-powered blockchains.

This means that businesses and developers now have access to an infrastructure that combines unprecedented scalability, speed and privacy.

With Hyperchains, QuickNode and Matter Labs are paving the way for a new era of enterprise adoption

This strategic collaboration not only solves current challenges in terms of speed, scalability and privacy, but also offers new opportunities for companies of all sizes.

QuickNode and Matter Labs Launch Hyperchains for Unprecedented Innovation in Blockchain

Hyperchains allow companies to build highly scalable solutions without compromising security or speed.

Additionally, the underlying zero-knowledge technology ensures unparalleled privacy, making them the ideal choice for sensitive enterprise use cases.

Commenting on this partnership, Jason Hunt, VP of Ecosystem at QuickNode, expressed his excitement about the possibilities offered by incorporating Hyperchains into the QuickNode platform.

He highlighted how this technology introduces a unique combination of scalability, user experience and privacy improvements, crucial elements to drive the next wave of adoption in the rollup ecosystem.

For his part, Vassilis Tziokas, Head of Business at Matter Labs, emphasized the importance of supporting the smooth development of Hyperchains to make them accessible to a broader community.

This collaboration not only simplifies the onboarding process for companies entering the blockchain field, but also promotes an environment of innovation and continued growth throughout the industry.

QuickNode’s introduction of support for zkSync Hyperchains represents a significant milestone in the advancement of blockchain technology.

This partnership not only strengthens QuickNode’s position as a leader in blockchain infrastructure, but also marks a step forward towards a future where security, scalability and privacy are the norm in the digital business world.


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