Push Protocol Introduces Wallet-to-Wallet Video Chatting Feature

Push Protocol Introduces Wallet-to-Wallet Video Chatting Feature
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Push Protocol, a decentralized communication network, announced the launch of wallet-to-wallet video chat functionality on its Web3 messaging platform on Thursday. This is the first wallet-to-wallet video chat, which makes it a groundbreaking advance in the Web3 sector.

This new update will enable Web3 users to engage in live video conversations with one another. In addition, the “Push Video” functionality allows users to do anything they do with video today, including streaming, gaming, telemedicine, customer service, social conversations, corporate meetings, education, coaching, and other activities.

Building a More Decentralized Future

However, Push Protocol stated that they will continue to develop these products, adding capabilities such as group chat and streaming. As stated in the project’s roadmap, there will also be other features like Web3’s “Twitter-Spaces-like experience”, which allows groups to come together on a decentralized online forum.

The business debuted push notifications on Ethereum in January 2022. After then, it went on to Polygon and the BNB chain. The corporation implemented the distribution of Push Chat, which was its wallet-to-wallet messaging system, in the month of November 2022.

Building a More Decentralized Future

As of right now, more than 85,000 people and more than 500 organizations have benefited from Push Protocol, which has helped enhance more than thirty million communications. It is now time for Push Video.

The project first mentioned plans to add a video chat option to the service in its 2020 white paper. These products, according to the announcement, will be tied together by the fundamental notifications layer. The team boasted,

“Piece by piece, Push Protocol is building the decentralized social networking ecosystem for all users of the future internet.”

The push team believes that this notifications layer will help to create a more seamless and integrated experience for users, allowing them to easily navigate between different decentralized social networking platforms. They are committed to building a future internet that is truly decentralized and user-centric.

Push Protocol has recently been named Polygon Labs’ new communications partner. It became a member of the dApp Store Kit in order to provide a Web3 connection with the dApp Store registration protocols. With the help of this open-source developer toolkit, developers can easily start their own dApp Store and establish their own rules for governance, distribution, revenue, and curation.


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