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cryptocurrency price analysisCrypto Economy section, we will publish every week the technical price analysis of Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], Ripple [XRP] and other cryptocurrencies.

These analyzes are prepared by our specialists based on the evolution of the markets.

A technical price analysis provides excellent and useful information that can help us know when is the best time to make movements in our investments or when it is not a good time to operate.

But we must not only take this information into account, the monitoring of the prices of a cryptocurrency must be accompanied by an investigation into the latest news related to it.

So we can get an idea about whether the price increase or decrease has occurred due to an event related to the project or if it could be a market manipulation, etc.

xrp cool

Ripple falls 45% from November High, XRP finds Support at $0.30

Ripple prices are down 45 percent from November peaks and XRP could slump to $0.30 in a bear trend continuation pattern.

Bitcoin (BTC) Stalls Inside a Trade Range, Bears Commanding

Bitcoin bulls are confident but prices are up six percent from this week's lows and inside a bear flag, pointing to weakness.
eth cart

Ethereum (ETH) Up 6% as Bear Momentum Fades

Ethereum is up six percent in the last trading day though ETHUSDT is within a bear formation. ETH has support at $1.1k.
Binance Coin (BNB) Price Prediction 2022 – 2023 – 2024 – 2025

BNB on Bearish Flag, Primary Support at $250 Within the Third Quarter Lows of...

BNB prices are trading above $250 or the Q3 2022 support line. Overall, prices are bearish and could collapse in sessions ahead.

Bitcoin is Down 22% in 2 Weeks; Do BTC Bulls Stand a Chance?

Bitcoin is down double digits from Q3 2022 and November highs as open interest gradually decrease. Overall, BTC sellers are in charge.

Ethereum Liquidation Line at $1.35k, ETH Bulls Confident

Ethereum is roughly 15 percent up from November lows. All the same, ETHUSDT is bearish and could plunge to new 2022 lows in weeks ahead.

BNB Drops 15%, Holds Firm Support at 250 Dollars

Binance Coin, BNB, is stable when writing but is down 30 percent from November highs. Despite the crypto storm, BNB is firm above $250.
Crypto Market Tumbles Again After Bitcoin's Brief Rise

Bitcoin Remains Under Immense Pressure below $17.5k

Bitcoin prices are higher but the implosion of FTX has heavily impacted BTC, forcing Bitcoin prices to new 2022 lows at $15.5k.

Ethereum dumps 22%, ETH’s Path to $1.2k?

Ethereum and crypto prices are in the doldrums. With a 22% dump from this week’s highs, pushing ETH to the edge, the odds of...
sol chart

Solana Cools Off After Surging 27% in 2 Days, SOL Bulls Target at $40

Until November 6, Solana prices added 27 percent in two days, breaking above key resistance levels as prices soared higher, aligning with the broader...