Polygon Labs Partners with Immutable on Web3 Gaming Development

Polygon Labs x Immutable Partner
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Polygon Labs and Immutable have teamed up to develop a gaming solution called “Immutable zkEVM,” supported by Polygon technology using zk-rollups to accelerate Web3 game development and adoption.

According to the official joint statement made on March 20, Immutable will power its best-in-class platform offerings with Polygon’s pioneering zero-knowledge technology to promote digital ownership for game players and enthusiasts globally. They noted,

“The partnership simplifies the decision-making process for developers, providing the fastest route from concept to launch, and opening up the largest and most liquid ecosystem for end users.”

The news comes only a week before Polygon zkEVM launches Mainnet Beta. As previously reported, the zkEVM technology aims to improve transaction speeds and lower high transaction costs while staying compatible with Ethereum and maintaining its robust security model.

This would open up new use cases and improve multiplayer online games.

Immutable zkEVM Will Enhance the Web3 Gaming Sector

However, Polygon and Immutable noted a lack of high-quality games and enterprise-grade development tools has hampered Web3 gaming development. The two projects hope that their efforts will make working with blockchain easier for both big and small game producers.

Polygon Labs Partners with Immutable on Web3 Gaming Development

Immutable’s president and co-founder, Robbie Ferguson, explicitly applied the idea to character- and item-specific game skins. He stated:

“Billions of dollars’ [worth] of skins are sold each year with no rights for players—we’re changing that so players are in control, and ownership is the expectation.”

They also emphasized how creating Web3-enabled games would become faster, simpler, and less risky by building on the Immutable zkEVM platform.

Furthermore, Polygon Labs President Ryan Wyatt considers their collaboration with Immutable to be a “monumental” milestone in the company’s goal of empowering developers and enabling players to genuinely control their in-game assets.

“By leveraging Immutable’s top world-class gaming platform, game development becomes seamless, allowing for the creation of rich and unique gaming experiences,” said Ryan Wyatt.

The decentralized ventures also boast about their success over the previous few years, claiming that projects developed on their own platforms garnered $2 billion in investor capital in 2022, with collaborations with several well-known figures in the tech industry.

Nevertheless, their native crypto assets did not witness a major price movement as a result of the statement; instead, they fell in tandem with the rest of the market, although both rank among the fifty-highest tokens in terms of market value. Polygon (MATIC) is currently the 8th largest coin, while Immutable (IMX) stands as the 47th largest crypto on CoinMarketCap.


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