Polygon ID Revolutionizes with its Launch of Release 5

Polygon ID Revolutionizes Decentralized Identity with Release 5
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The recent arrival of the fifth version of Polygon ID has marked a significant milestone in the development of the decentralized identity ecosystem.

This update, known as Release 5, has introduced a number of innovative features that aim to simplify the generation and use of digital credentials on the Polygon network.

One of the highlights of this update is the addition of a new on-chain issuer, a smart contract designed to facilitate the creation of credentials on the blockchain.

These credentials have the ability to collect information from both internal and external sources, thus expanding their versatility and potential applications.

Additionally, significant improvements have been implemented to the Issuer Node, improving its accessibility on leading cloud platforms such as Google Cloud Marketplace and Amazon Web Services.

The option to store revocation status on-chain represents a crucial step towards full decentralization of the protocol, reinforcing the security and reliability of the issued credentials.

The launch of the credential marketplace

This platform greatly simplifies the process of searching and selecting credentials and their issuers, thus addressing a historical difficulty in the efficiency of this process.

Sebastián Rodríguez, Vice President of Product at Polygon Labs, highlighted the broader vision behind this advancement: “We are not simply launching a product, we are creating an ecosystem.” Rodríguez emphasized the importance of expanding the variety of credentials available to users, stressing that it is just a fundamental part of this ecosystem.

Polygon ID Release 5: Innovative Advances in Credentials and Decentralized Ecosystem

He also emphasized the integration of solutions and projects that will use these new functionalities.

The Polygon ID platform offers a complete set of tools for different stakeholders, from issuers to decentralized application developers, providing technical support and encouraging the adoption of these digital credentials.

Additionally, by adhering to the W3C Verifiable Credentials standard, Polygon ID ensures the reusability and interoperability of issued credentials, increasing their long-term usefulness and viability.


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