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In the Blockchain ecosystem the innovations are in a very special boiling point. The proposals of services and businesses appear day by day with great strength and enthusiasm, covering great possibilities. With the support of global banking experts and renowned technology veterans, Polybius aspires to build a comprehensive banking solution for all its users, advancing as the first large bank based on blockchain technology.

Polybius Bank will combine the features of modern banking, IoT, Big Data and Blockchain-based technologies, while meeting the security requirements demanded by banking business standards.

The Digital Pass technology, developed by HashCoins and implemented at Polybius Bank, will serve as an automation and digitization ecosystem, allowing them not only to integrate individual companies, but entire industries that allow access to financial and industrial services in the same Pass, to only one Click away and action.

Polybius Foundation, a team of financial, security, legal and technical experts is raising funds for its Polybius Bank project, and for this purpose it has launched an ICO which has been collecting excellent collections so far, and which will finish in 4 days.

Polybius aims to capitalize on the broader trend of digitalisation with a particular focus on: 1. Financial services that are at the center of all business interactions; 2. Concepts of digital identification and purse necessary to serve as gateway to the e-commerce market. With the success of the ICO, Polybius Bank will become a fully digital bank accessible anywhere, anytime. It will have all the functions of a classic bank, but will not accommodate any branch or physical fronts and will be fully based on the latest digital technologies. This will allow Polybius Bank to be among the least expensive banks to operate in the world, with a very efficient cost / revenue ratio and giving its sponsors greater returns. The Polybius Bank project aims to establish a scalable online financial infrastructure for businesses and individuals, to provide electronic identity and fiduciary services throughout the European Union, and to create a gateway for authentication and payment processing for e-commerce.


Key elements of the Polybius ecosystem are the Polybius Foundation and the Digital Pass. The Polybius Foundation supports the Polybius Bank or the Polybius Payment Institution (IPI) at the outset. Your customers will not only have access to a variety of financial services, they will probably be among the first to get the PolyID that will connect them to the Digital Pass environment. Digital Pass is an independent environment as a service, which will serve as storage for individual coded information. Security of access to information will be enabled by SSL certificates, dynamic PINs and, to a certain extent, by biometric data.

The Polybius Foundation is raising funds to support the establishment of the Polybius Bank or the Polybius Payment Institution and deliver the respective technologies. For this reason, Polybius Foundation is issuing Polybius Tokens (PLBT) through the intelligent contract system operated by Ethereum.

The Polybius Foundation is a public body with legal responsibilities and is subject to audits. This will ensure the transparency of operations and the safe custody of funds.

A Polybius Token represents the right to receive a share of the distributable profits of Polybius P.I. Or the Polybius Bank. All chips together will be entitled to receive 20% of such benefits. The Tokens will be allocated in proportion to the funds provided to the Polybius Foundation during the ICO. The price per token is 10 USD per 1 Token.

Polybius Payment Institution will likely implement currency exchange services, allowing corporate customers to hold a variety of currencies within a single bank account, exchanging them at their discretion and making payments with less expense and risk of volatility.

Polybius has drawn up a road map in order to become a bank. The process may take up to 2 years, but as a result, Polybius will be authorized to provide deposit services, issue debit and credit cards and offer savings accounts.

More about Polybius ICO

Polybius token – Polybius shares in Blockchain – represents the right to receive a share of the profits of the company. All token holders are beneficiaries of dividends according to their shares. Any number of chips (100%) sold at the end of ICO are entitled to receive 20% of the profits of the company

In accordance with the company’s by-laws, at the end of a financial year, 20% of the company’s profit to an ETH portfolio. The ETH is redistributed to all Polybius Tokens holders according to the terms of the smart contract.

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