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Platio: Smart banking for businesses that combines cryptography and fiat money

Undoubtedly blockchain technology, which has been said to be the cornerstone of the fourth digital revolution, has the potential to drastically change the way business relationships between people and companies are conducted in an increasingly globalized world.

Unfortunately, the global adoption of this technology for practical purposes encounters many obstacles due to the high volatility of most cryptocurrencies making many professionals and companies afraid to accept them as a method of payment for their products or services. If we also take into account the difficulty of integrating this new technology with traditional banking systems, we get a not very favorable scenario that is far from taking full advantage of the incredible resources that blockchain technology can bring to everyday life.

But where others see difficulties, Platio, a fintech company based in London, sees a challenge and poses a solution to achieve massive adoption of blockchain through tokenization of assets. Platio is a smart banking ecosystem based on EOS blockchain technology. This platform brings solutions for companies that work with cryptocurrencies and fiduciary money, allowing them, for example, to pay salaries and invoices with the asset they want with a significant cost reduction, which makes it an indispensable ally in international transactions.

This all-in-one banking solution has several services that will facilitate the adoption of cryptocurrencies by companies and solve the problems of high costs or financial access in remittance markets. Platio is presented as a platform that brings together fiat money, stocks and cryptocurrencies in one place, given that it has a legal authorization to operate both in the traditional banking system and with cryptocurrencies in 32 countries.

Platio guarantees safe and fast commercial processes and allows users to make offers in both crypto and fiduciary money.  Among its services it has physical and virtual credit cards and it allows users to receive and pay invoices with fiat money and cryptocurrencies.

The platform even allows for a buyer to pay for a service in cryptocurrency while the seller receives payment in fiat. This will help to streamline transactions and increase confidence by eliminating the seller’s fear of crypto market volatility.

Among Platio’s most innovative solutions are its Asset Guard and Smart Escrow products. Asset Guard uses specially developed smart contracts to protect user funds from price volatility or loss of account access. Smart Escrow solves the trust problems inherent in using cryptocurrency by holding the buyer’s funds in escrow until the seller fulfils its half of the deal. If there are any disputes between buyer and seller, Platio will step in to resolve them.

Platio also proposes tokenizing all assets so that they are included in the blockchain and can be easily traded between users from all over the world.

Its partners include companies such as Ripple, Axon, Exante and Positive technologies.

Vlad Bunin, the founder of Platio, has over 19 years of experience in the banking, insurance and airline sectors, in addition to being a board member of the Hedge Capital Company, a financial services provider.

The ICO of Platio

It is currently in its ICO phase from which we can extract the following data:

Referral Program

Platio has a referral program with a bonus of up to 5% of the amount of tokens purchased by your referrals.

From the user control panel, you can access data regarding the number of referrals achieved, how many have purchased tokens and how many tokens have been received with these bonuses.

Platio Products

Exchange & Brokerage: Exchange of cryptocurrencies, fiat, and stocks.

Smart Escrow: Smart Escrow will facilitate the process and management of deals, as well as ensuring that assets are transferred to the buying party once the conditions of the agreement are met. If during the course of the process it encounters any problem, Platio’s team will mediate in the resolution.

Platio payment cards: Platio has both physical and virtual payment cards that allow cryptographic assets to be easily converted into fiat money.

Asset Guard: Through Platio Asset Guard, Platio protects the assets of its users from possible losses due to volatility or access loss.

Internal Transfers: Users will be able to make internal transfers of cryptocurrencies, fiat money, stocks or any asset backed by Platio.

Invoicing and processing: Platio allows you to make and accept payments in both fiat money and cryptocurrencies; and will help its users to issue invoices with any asset accepted on the platform.

Payments and remittances: The platform simplifies and speeds up payments and remittances (SWIFT/SEPA/RIPPLE/OCT)

Roadmap of Platio


Q1: European Cryptographic Licences obtained.

Q2: Partnerships Development.

Q3: MVP Platform: Platio and Exchange payment cards / Private pre-sale.

Q4: Public Pre-sale / Public sale


Q1: Payments and Remittances: SWIFT/SEPA/RIPPLE/OCT (1.0)

Q2: Processing for online-merchants (1.0)

Q3: Internal Transfers (1.0) / Brokerage and Exchange (1.0) / Asset Guard (1.0) / Platio Blockchain Launch

Q4: Tokenization of assets on Platio Blockchain / Payments and remittances (2.0) / Processing for online merchants (2.0) / Smart Escrow (1.0)


Q1: Internal transfers (2.0) / Brokerage and Exchange (2.0) / Asset Guard (2.0) / Entry into Asian markets

Q2: Smart Escrow (2.0) / Platio Smart Banking Ecosystem

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