Pigzbe: an educational and reliable wallet for children

Pigzbe: an educational and reliable wallet for children
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Thinking about the importance of training the youngest of the house in the importance of saving and generating an adequate conscience regarding money is a priority of the vast majority of parents. Aware of this and taking into account the children the people of Pigzbe has developed their blockchain piggy wallet  with its own cryptocurrency, which we will discuss on this occasion.

Pigzbe is presented as the first digital piggy wallet driven by blockchain and operates in Wollo, a native family cryptocurrency designed for that platform. Designed for children from six years of age and above, Pigzbe promises to position itself as the most important reference of its kind in the cryptographic market.

An important consideration for the people of Pigzbe are the estimated numbers that they handle in terms of money that is in the children’s piggy wallets around the world: a gross estimate of 400 million families of middle and high class give their children an average of $ 16 per week in Asia, USA and Europe, without counting other regions.

They understood that the potential of the market to serve these families as microfinance tokenized  networks with the added value of a practical, educational and social benefit is enormous, and they got down to work.

The Pigzbe platform consists of four fundamental elements that we will explain below.

Wollo – WLO, the Pigzbe token

Wollo (WLO), which is a utility token that allows you to save, learn and spend on the platform. Wollo is the native token of the Pigzbe network, and is designed to allow parents and families to transfer funds safely and internationally in a matter of seconds.

Pigzbe is confident that the growth of its global network will lead to a greater demand for its native token, and therefore to a globalized use of it.

First wallet for children

The Pigzbe team has developed an application with wallet and education for movile devices. The application is designed to serve as the first wallet of a child, and developed by an immersive, intuitive and non-verbal world where children can play, explore and learn, encouraging their good saving habits.

The more Wollo children save, the more developed and attractive for them, the immersive world becomes, thus specifying the incentive that seeks to encourage positive habits of profit, savings and measured spending. The wallet is administered by the parents of the child.

First wallet for children, PigzbeCold wallet with integrated games

As a great novelty they have the Pigzbe device for games and cold storage. The physical device is a notifier and controller of games that connects with the application and allows children to dialogue with Pigzbe functionally improving the child’s experience in the real world, increasing the quality of the learning experience by removing it from the screen.

It should be noted that the device for games and cold storage works as a safe and well designed wallet, comparable in style to devices such as Trezor or Ledger.

Wollo Card

This platform is completed thanks to the Wollo card, which provides a real outlet for children and their families to spend Wollo without problems. The card will be programmed with the necessary restrictions by the child’s parents so that they use it in a safe and controlled manner.

The Pigzbe platform is certainly tangible and its friendly design ensures its good usability and practicality.

Pigzbe is in its public sale of tokens, which will remain until October 31. Each token has a value of USD 0.12. We recommend checking their White Paper for more technical details, as well as go through pigzbe.com  and sign up for the newsletter, and join its Telegram channel.


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