PDATA Token: Personal Data and blockchain efficiency

Big Data is a fertile field for blockchain developments and the interesting platform boom that we have been getting to know these days, as demonstrated . In this opportunity we will talk about the Opiria Platform, PDATA token ecosystem, and its benefits in this area.

This ecosystem is a complete platform created for the safe and transparent purchase of personal data, allowing consumers to create a passive source of income by monetizing their personal data. Interested companies can buy personal data directly from consumers, and without intermediaries. The PDATA token, in addition to being the utility token of the platform, is the cryptocurrency that expresses the value of the platform’s personal data. This platform is created with the vision of developing a global decentralized market based on blockchain for the safe and transparent commerce of personal data.

As is well known, companies around the world constantly need personal data from consumers to understand their profiles, needs and inclinations in order to design products and services aimed at fueling the desire to buy, as well as to orient accurately the activities of respective marketing and sales. However, one constant is that consumers have no idea that their personal data is sold to these companies and they do not even receive compensation for it. In addition to the abusive, unethical and immoral lack of this regrettable but massive practice, consumers have not had the freedom to choose what data to sell and who to sell it to.

With the Opiria platform, consumers and companies will be connected wherever they are at a global level and a decentralized market of personal data will be developed that aspires to be the largest of its kind in the world. Opiria and the PDATA Tokens will encourage the democratization of the intermediation of personal data through the provision of blockchain technology, which provides security and transparency, as well as giving the possibility to users owners of personal data to choose who they sell at any time their personal data through the platform.

Consumers and companies interested in personal data make up the ecosystem of PDATA tokens. Companies can buy personal data directly from consumers by compensating them with PDATA tokens, and consumers receive PDATA tokens for providing personal data to companies, naturally. Thanks to the blockchain’s natural mechanisms, the anonymity and privacy of consumer data are fully protected at all times. The PDATA token gives economic value to personal data and thus serves as currency.

Companies interested in acquiring quality personal data and efficiently can have the guarantee of access to the platform, where contacting consumers directly can receive more specific data of higher quality that will help them make the best decisions for the creation of new products and services as well as to better guide the marketing and sales activities of those products and services.

Consumers will go up the level of the platform as they get more negotiations with companies. Thus the categories or levels are bronze, silver and gold. The higher the level, the greater the chances of being contacted by companies, as their visibility will be greater.

Opiria will soon make a public sale of PDATA token, which we have named token generator event (TGE) and that will take place on April 15, 2018. In order to avoid an imbalance of buyers and sellers of tokens, Opiria retains the 13 % of PDATA tokens issued.

To know more details of this platform and be updated about its public sale of tokens, we recommend following them at their Telegram channel.