Pantera Capital and XRP Capital Invest $5.8M in Unbound Finance

Pantera Capital and XRP Capital Invest $5.8M in Unbound Finance
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Unbound Finance announced a new series of funding that includes leading crypto investors Pantera Capital and Arrington XRP Capital. The new funding is $5.8 Million and will help the company develop its first cross-chain stablecoin faster. CMS Holdings, Hashed, LedgerPrime, LD Capital, TRGC, ArkStream Capital, ZeePrime Capital, Future Perfect Ventures, Brilliance Ventures, Woodstock, Coin98 Ventures & GenBlock Digital are other investors in Unbound Finance.

More Money for the Stablecoin Market

Investments in blockchain projects have lots of effects on the industry as a whole. It helps new teams and startups work faster and better towards their goals. Blockchain venture capitals that have a great history of helping successful projects foster are always looking for projects with great ideas. Unbound Finance is one of those latest projects that has been successful in attracting investors. The latest $5.8 Million investment shows the team is on the right path toward faster expansion.

Many investors participated in the latest round of fundraising for Unbound Finance. Arrington XRP Capital and Pantera Capital are the most famous ones. Angel investors have had great participation in the fundraising too. Founders of Angelist, Enjin, Gnosis, Kyber Network, Polygon, Harmony, Frontier, Wikihow, DFYN, Dao-Maker, TomoChain, and Polkastarter are some of them.

As the name implies, Unbound Finance focuses on financial products. The team aims to launch products that help ordinary people enjoy decentralized financial services easier. In simple terms, the products are both native and composable to the DeFi ecosystem.

Loans and interests are primary services in Unbound Finance. But the latest fundraising and the upcoming strategic partnerships help it offer cross-chain products as well. Liquidity pool tokens are a primary focus area for this team that has attracted investors, especially in the latest round. Dan Morehead, CEO Pantera Capital, said:

“Unbound has great potential to play a lead role in the DeFi space by focusing on liquidity pool tokens. We’re excited to support the Unbound team as they build the key tools to capitalize upon this untouched part of the DeFi ecosystem.”

Michael Arrington, the founder of TechCrunch, runs a venture capital firm for blockchain projects. He believes in Unbound Finance’s ideas and plans for financial services. He said about the latest investment:

“Unbound Finance is new primitive with the potential to unlock billions in unproductive value trapped in AMMs. We’re excited about the launch of Unbound as a fundamentally new mechanism for borrowing, lending, and synthetic assets in DeFi.”

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