PancakeSwap Adds TRON, WINkLink, and BitTorrent to Syrup Pool

PancakeSwap Adds TRON, WINkLink and BitTorrent to Syrup Pool
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PancakeSwap announced a strategic partnership with the TRON blockchain. Three of the most famous coins of the blockchain are now added to PancakeSwap pools.

The DeFi platform announced adding the new tokens that will be surely followed by traders staking their tokens to earn them. CAKE holders can now stake their tokens to earn TRON, BTT, and WINK tokens. The new addition may come with considerable attraction from holders and traders in both blockchains, TRON and BSC.

More Opportunity for CAKE Holders

The DeFi boom has changed many things in the blockchain industry. Many successful projects have emerged and attracted interest from investors worldwide. PancakeSwap is one of the most successful ones.

The DeFi platform runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain and is one of the best-performing ones. Many traders and investors have locked assets in PancakseSwap to earn rewards in various tokens. CAKE token has experienced a considerable price rise in the last month, and now the new additions to the Syrup Pools will bring more opportunity for the DeFi platform.

TRON blockchain is another active platform in the DeFi community but still tries to expand the network. There are currently many projects running on TRON that aim to disrupt the current state of the blockchain industry.

BitTorrent is one of the most famous ones that went on headlines after Justin Sun bought the platform. Now, the BTT token is a very pursued cryptocurrency, and the team behind it tries to expand the reach. BTT is one of the newest tokens added to PancakeSwap. Others are TRX and WINK. The former is the primary token on the TRON blockchain, and the latter is the first comprehensive oracle in the blockchain.


As mentioned before, CAKE token holders can now stake their holdings to earn BTT, WIN, and TRX tokens. PancakeSwap published the details about the Syrup Pool details in an announcement.

The addition of TRX, BTT, and WIN tokens to PancakeSwap also comes with the opportunity to provide liquidity for the farms in the platform. According to PancakeSwap, LPs can provide a pair of tokens to pools and earn CAKE tokens. TRX-BNB, WIN-BNB, and BTT-BNB are the available pairs. All of them provide 2x CAKE rewards for the first 48 hours and 1x CAKE rewards after that.

PancakeSwap adds at the bottom of the announcement that finalizing the new addition needs votes from the CAKE community. PancakeSwap has a decentralized governing system, and every decision is made by vote from the governing token holders. It’s very rare that the community doesn’t vote for the new decision, and we can expect the official launch soon.

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