Overwinter and Sapling, Zcash updates for 2018

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Overwinter is the name chosen for the first update of the ZCash network that will take place on June 25, 2018, its destination will be the way to the new updates of the Network so that the problems are corrected, the first update to the that will support the so-called “Sapling” that was originally announced for September 2018 but will be delayed until the end of the year.

In the official page of Zcash give these indications to users of its network:

“Maintenance updated your Zcash software and it will be in the main chain along with all others.Do not miss the update of the network, and unless you are running your own complete node and have your client manually to continue running the previous code. need to do nothing else to keep your Zcash software up-to-date – this red update is not expected to result in a bifurcation of the blockchain or the creation of a new currency. “

The Zcash Team has contact with outdoor technology, where you can listen and make the support necessary for a smooth activation.

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These are some of the improvements that Overwinter brings to the Zcash network:

Version control, repeat protection for red updates, performance improvements for transparent transactions, a new transaction expiration feature, among others.

The update of Sapling, will have a set of innovative performance improvements for its armored transactions and will have great performance improvements, compared with the current version “Sprout“.

With Sprout the supply time of 37 Seconds, With Sapling want to reduce this time to 7 seconds, the same happens with the use of RAM, with Sprout the consumption is 3Gb and with Sapling it is reduced to 40Mb, with this estimate we see a reduction in test time of 80% and a reduction in memory usage of 98%, the improvements that make it possible to support the armored addresses that Zcash wants to give mobile devices.

The goal of Zcash is to work for a secure trading platform without borders, where people from anywhere can access it.


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