Orion Protocol Integrates Chainlink Oracle to Fully Collateralize its Decentralized Brokerage

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Orion announced a new partnership with Chainlink. This protocol that provides liquidity aggregation to DeFi products will use Chainlink’s oracle to achieve full collateralization in its decentralized brokerage.

Chainlink’s price reference feeds will provide accurate real-time data to Orion Protocol to issue loans and trigger liquidation. All of the broker services in the platform are collateralized by ORN token.

Trustless Settlement with the Help of Oracles

Oracles help smart contracts, and other blockchain products get access to off-chain and on-chain data. Decentralized ones like Chainlink provide that data with an added layer of trust and security. Orion has chosen Chainlink because of this feature and will use oracles to make sure ORN fully collateralizes all broker services.

Orion protocol will use ORN/ETH price reference feeds from Chainlink. It will also provide a new partnership with data from its liquidity aggregator. So, any smart contract or DeFi using Chainlink will have access to that data, too.

“Furthermore, Orion Protocol will be using Chainlink for all price data oracles to price collateral for a wide variety of crypto loans, including ORN/(USDT)(ETH)(BTC)(EGLD), ETH/(USDT)(BTC), BTC/(USDT)(ETH), EGLD(USDT)(ETH)(BTC), LINK/(USDT)(ETH)(BTC), BNB/(USDT)(ETH)(BTC)(EGLD), TRON/(USDT)(ETH)(BTC), EOS/(USDT)(ETH)(BTC), XEM(USDT)(ETH)(BTC), YFI/(USDT)(ETH)(BTC), SNX/(USDT)(ETH)(BTC), and COMP/(USDT)(ETH)(BTC),” according to Orion.


The decentralized brokerage in the heart of Orion Protocol is the core part that somehow manages the overall functions. Because of the Delegated Proof of Broker governing mechanism in the platform, they need accurate price data about the core token ORN. The new integration will help them achieve this accuracy and speed.

“The ORN token is important to maintaining an active network of secure and reliable brokers to the DeFi ecosystem, providing strong crypto-economic guarantees to back their services,” said Orion Protocol CEO Alexey Koloskov.

“By integrating Chainlink’s price oracles for accurate and transparent reference prices, we can provide unrivalled liquidity to traders, while maintaining built-in protections that shield the protocol against unpredictable market volatility. Furthermore, we look forward to fostering a mutually beneficial collaboration, providing Chainlink with rich trading data to strengthen their price oracles.”

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