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Olyseum the social network of the sport
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The 2018 World Cup in Russia has arrived and with Olyseum you will be aware of everything that occurs during this great event without neglecting the news of other sports.

What is Olyseum?


Olyseum is a social network for sports lovers made by sports lovers. In addition to having a profile where you can share sport related news and follow other users to see what they share, you can get much more.

On this social network there are elite athletes such as Andrés Iniesta, Carles Puyol and Iván de la Peña, who also participate and share on the network so that users have first-hand news of great athletes.

Olyseum Communities

Furthermore, Olyseum offers a section called Communities Olyseum to bring the idols even more closer with their followers.

The intention of the platform is for each idol to have a community where he can interact with his fans and exchange products and rewards with them.

With these communities two objectives are achieved, the first one is an income for idols of the community and the second Olyseum tokens rewards for the followers.

Community of Iniesta

Of all Olyseum Communities, Iniesta is the first to be created. In it Andrés Iniesta will share his own exclusive content both sports and personal, draw raffles for his followers and even give advice and lessons about football.


News section

The best sports newspapers share their breaking news in this section, meaning that one can be aware of everything that is happening.


In Olyseum, the content generated by its users can have benefits since this platform takes into account different data that can be rewarded with tokens to the creator of said content.

The number of followers, likes, shares, originality, quality or even senority on the page are the data that Olyseum could take into account when compensating the shared articles.

Olyseum Team


In addition to Iniesta, Puyol and De la Peña, who bring their image and enthusiasm to the brand, there is a great team behind it to bring this project forward, among which we can highlight:

Carlos Grenoir (CEO of Olyseum): Engineer specialized in computer security, doctorate in computer science and telecommunications with great experience in Artificial Intelligence.

Kevin Mitnick: (Chief Security Officer): Kevin is a world-renowned hacker, he has shared his knowledge in conferences and books and has worked for more than 10 years for giants such as NASA, Visa, Dell, MasterCard, Microsoft and others.

Jan Aramburu: (Management and Marketing) Graduated in Information Technology and business management specialized in marketing.

Enric Flix: (International expansion) Executive MBA and expert in online projects, with international experience in the sports sector.


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