OKX Wallet Launches ‘BTC Ecosystem Carnival’ Users can claim Bitcoin NFTs and BRC-20 Tokens

OKX Presents 'BTC Ecosystem Carnival': Learning and Rewards in the World of Cryptocurrencies
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The OKX platform has announced an exciting event for cryptocurrency enthusiasts with the launch of its “BTC Ecosystem Carnival” campaign on Cryptopedia.

This initiative, presented as a unique opportunity to learn while earning rewards, seeks to promote knowledge about Bitcoin (BTC) protocols and decentralized applications (DApps).

This campaign allows OKX Wallet users to immerse themselves in the world of DApps and earn BTC-related rewards.

To participate, users are required to download the OKX app or update to version 6.27.0.

Additionally, they must have at least 10 USDT in their wallets to be eligible to claim the rewards.

The mechanics are simple: once in the application, access the “Discover” page and select “Cryptopedia: Learn to Earn”.

From there, they can explore various DApps and complete specific missions.

Successful completion of these tasks allows them to verify their participation, thus opening the door to earning rewards such as BRC-20 tokens and BTC-related NFTs.

Cryptopedia, introduced by OKX in May 2023, primarily aims to facilitate the identification of Web3 projects and DApps, while lowering the barriers to entry into this ever-expanding world.

OKX, offers a full range of products to cater to both beginners and experts.

These include the powerful and secure OKX Wallet, a decentralized exchange (DEX) spanning over 300 DEXs and supporting over 20 blockchains, as well as a commission-free NFT marketplace and a DeFi platform that supports multiple protocols and chains.

OKX Wallet Launches 'BTC Ecosystem Carnival' Users can claim Bitcoin NFTs and BRC-20 Tokens

Furthermore, OKX’s partnerships with renowned brands such as Manchester City FC and McLaren Formula 1 underline its innovative and challenging approach to the status quo in the blockchain and Web3 technology space.

With this new push through the “BTC Ecosystem Carnival” campaign, OKX continues to demonstrate its commitment to cryptocurrency education and its support for the community of decentralized technology enthusiasts.


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