OKX Launches Ethereum L2 Network, Rivaling Coinbase’s Base

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  • OKX launches X Layer, a scaling network for Ethereum, offering faster and cheaper transactions.
  • X Layer addresses Ethereum’s congestion and high fees, integrating ZK technology to enhance privacy and security.
  • By leveraging Polygon’s AggLayer, X Layer ensures interoperability and access to over 200 dapps, promoting a decentralized financial system.

OKX, one of the leading exchanges in the market, has launched its own Ethereum layer-2 scaling network called X Layer. A significant advancement in addressing the scalability challenges facing the Ethereum network, aiming to provide users with faster and more economical transactions.

The X Layer network, built with Polygon technology, aims to tackle Ethereum’s transaction congestion and high fees. By integrating layer 2, X Layer enables users to conduct more efficient and cost-effective transactions while ensuring greater interoperability with other blockchains.

OKX distinguishes X Layer with its focus on zero-knowledge proof (ZK) technology, allowing users to validate statements without revealing the statements themselves. This technology marks a significant improvement in transaction privacy and security while fostering greater interoperability among different blockchains.

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OKX Challenges Coinbase’s Territory

Additionally, X Layer leverages Polygon’s AggLayer solution, which aims to create a shared network state and seamless liquidity across various blockchains. This ensures that X Layer users can access a wide range of decentralized applications (dapps) and financial services without being restricted by the limitations of a single blockchain.

With over 200 integrated dapps and a series of strategic partnerships underway, OKX aims to offer an unparalleled user experience in the market and the decentralized finance sector.

OKX continues to make significant strides in the crypto industry and decentralized finance. By providing a scalable and efficient solution for transactions on the Ethereum network, with its focus on ZK technology and integration with Polygon’s AggLayer solution, X Layer is poised to play a crucial role in the crypto market.


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