OFFERZONE: A new paradigm of online offers
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In the online business market, digital channels are the most used tools to market a product, good or service, for the benefits that digital platforms have, such as enormous powers of dissemination, even more than conventional media . This is clear to the people of OFFERZONE that hand in hand with blockchain brings us its platform.

In such a competitive world, where not only is it enough to know the target audience, you have to use all the strategies to get where you want and get good sales.

OFFERZONE is defined as the perfect way to market products with a unique raffle promotion system that allows the interested party to put the price OFFER they want and establish the amount they are willing to accept internally. By doing this, you can place and publish a lower price than any other person in the market and, at the same time, get the highest payment for your product or service.

OFFERZONE facilities

People from all over the world can enter the OFFERZONE platform, this is a unique site where those interested can find or sell any product, whether it is used, new, open or digital, or make available to all different services, and in this way maximize your profits

Among the facilities and benefits that OFFERZONE guarantees are:

  • It is a safe and decentralized system of intelligent contracts.
  • You can build a profitable non-competitive online business.
  • Products or services are sold and purchased under an exclusive OFFER system.
  • Rewards are obtained using the program throughout the ecosystem.

Each year the online e-commerce industry generates trillions of dollars, in 2016, by way of online sales, an income of more than $ 360 billion dollars was obtained only in the United States and is projected to exceed $ 603.4 billion in 2021, according to figures handled by the people of OFFERZONE.

The online market is very competitive and continues to reinvent itself through technological advances, which is getting bigger every time, and adds with the incorporation of large corporations that bet on online markets and businesses.

Around the world thousands of businesses and companies invest large sums of money per year only in advertising, this without guaranteeing the sale, but with the concept of OFFERZONE these systems will be changing.

When customers join the platform they have access to participate in a market where millions of people from all over the world gather and create an ecosystem of SUPPLY and demand, under pure P2P market mechanisms.


The pure P2P market is that the seller offers a product more than 80% less than the market and this creates a great demand for their product. The holders of OFZ tokens, which are the economic fuel of the platform, can make an offer to buy their product and wait for the result of the sale.

Subsequently, the seller can obtain more than 90% of profits in the offered item and the buyer can obtain the product at 80% cheaper than any other competitor in the market. If the buyer made an offer and it was not accepted after the sale was concluded, the system will automatically reimburse the OFZ tokens to your wallet.

The OFZ platform is 100% transparent, and all your transactions will be registered and protected by intelligent contracts.

To learn more about this platform, as well as about its OFZ token, we recommend taking a look at its White Paper, as well as joining their Telegram channel.


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