Nickel Asset Management Raises $50 Million and Sets Out To Launch Nickel Arbitrage Fund

Nickel Arbitrage Fund
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In its bid to help investors capitalize on the volatility of the crypto market, Nickel held a fundraising event and now has the financial support needed. With its funds in order, Nickel has set out to launch a new platform, Nickel Arbitrage Fund. After two months, Nickel Asset Management managed to raise $50 million. The fundraising event attracted family offices and funds of funds from Singapore, North America, Europe, and the UK.

Nickel Arbitrage Fund is among the only firms with approval from the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority and soon will unveil its platform. By getting its legal affairs in order, the latter assures trades they are dealing with a fully regulated platform; hence, their funds are safe. Besides the arbitrage trading platform, Nickel Fund went a step higher. Its customers have more than just a trading platform.

Provided that various multiple exchanges are available to facilitate the trading of digital assets and derivatives, the demand for platforms such as Nickel Arbitrage Fund will be high. As Nickel, we come in to provide enough speed and execution quality to create profitable markets. Besides that, we will also be improving liquidity for other potential market participants.

Alek Kloda, Nickel Portfolio Manager.

Main Features of Nickel Arbitrage Fund

With its creation based on the extreme price swings, Nickel Arbitrage Fund is coming in to provide its platform to enable investors to buy crypto from a low-volatile market. After that, they can sale their newly acquired assets on other exchanges for a profit.

For all that, Nickel Arbitrage Fund incorporated an automated trading system in its platform. The latter will be in place to make investments on behalf of when coins are in low volatility rate. However, through its automated solution, Nickel Arbitrage Fund is ensuring its customers always have assets purchase.

Similarly, Nickel Arbitrage Fund went further and developed a solution to help investors manage their digital assets.

Moreover, the developers also put in place multi-signature feature to help investors avoid risks associated with dealing with cryptocurrencies. The multi-signature feature has been put in place to ensure no single individual has the authority to move funds on their own.

Besides that, the feature also prevents sending of funds to a pre-approved address in a white list. While the latter might seem to be cumbersome, transactions in the crypto space are irreversible. Hence, the need for a multi-signature feature to help reduce risks. However, all the above is aimed at enabling investors to make profits from volatility nature of cryptocurrencies.


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