NFT, Web3 Demand on Rise as Big Brands Double Down on Digital Space

NFT, Web3 Demand on Rise as Big Brands Double Down on Digital Space
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There is a growing demand for non-fungible tokens (NFT) among investors across the globe. Various big brands are increasingly ramping up efforts to mark their presence in the digital collectibles space, with Coca-Cola being one of the latest entrants.

Global Conglomerates Tap NFTs

On July 5, Coca-Cola’s Serbian division, Coca-Cola Srbija announced  a partnership with Solana-based NFT platform SolSea to offer digital merchandise, including Coca-Cola Serbia-branded NFTs. The two companies are offering the NFTs and merch in partnership with EXIT Festival, a music festival that takes place annually in Serbia during the first week of July. As per the announcement, the partnership will offer exclusive hoodies, which are offered to VIP members and are paired with NFTs.

Meanwhile, Golem Network, a prominent open-source, decentralized computing platform, revealed two major updates, Golem Blockchain Gateway, and the integration of a Blender-based service that utilizes Golem Network’s computing resources for rendering personalized building animations, as a part of its partnership with Reality NFT, a Web3 platform that enables users to create, trade, and acquire NFTs representing real-world assets.

As per reports, by combining the Golem Blockchain Gateway with the rendering service powered by Blender, users can expect an enhanced and seamless experience in creating, buying, and selling NFTs based on real-world assets.

It seems the partnership between Golem Network and Reality NFT is an important milestone in the NFT space that aim to push the boundaries of decentralized solutions while empowering users with the tools they need to unlock their creative potential in the digital space.

Global Conglomerates Tap NFTs and Web3

Web3 Sees Exponential Growth

Along with NFTs, the Web3 space is also witnessing exponential growth. Recently, French fashion brand Lacoste revealed it is expanding the utility of its UNDW3 NFT collection, first released in June 2022, to include a Web3-based loyalty program that will allow members to earn rewards and co-create.

Furthermore,, an NFT marketplace with the support of GuardianLink, a digital technology platform, entered into a collaboration with Flipkart, an Indian eCommerce giant backed by Walmart to create and manage over 1.1 million Web3 wallets.

The strategic partnership aims to enable Flipkart to incorporate features such as a Web3.0-based brand-loyalty program, contests, and limited-edition from popular brands on its e-commerce platform.

Over the recent past, NFTs have been used for a wide range of applications, from art to music, gaming and real estate, among others. The potential of NFTs to revolutionize how individuals view digital ownership, art, and identity is responsible for its increasing popularity. They offer a secure, immutable, and transparent platform for developers, creators, and consumers to transact and interact with each other.


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