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News about regulation in the world of cryptocurrencies

cryptocurrency news crypto economyLatest news about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies focused on the regulation and acceptance of the states.

The regulation of Bitcoin [BTC] and different cryptocurrencies is something that generates speculation, the new laws, decrees or sentences around virtual currencies are a current issue in governments. Their eagerness to regulate and control cryptocurrencies has led them to take action on this matter.

On Crypto-Economy we investigate and contrast the information offered to make a selection of the latest news concerning the bitcoin regulation, Altcoins or the ICOS.

E-krona coin

E-krona, the next national cryptocurrency of Sweden

It is interesting that while many countries are undecided on how to approach a policy towards digital currencies, some have already developed a national...
The Huobi Exchange plans to return to the US market

Huobi Prohibits Chinese Users From Derivatives Trading: Reports

Huobi is probably the first cryptocurrency exchange to have taken the first step against allowing Chinese traders to trade on its platform. This comes...
Zug's Crypto Valley

Zug’s Crypto Valley could grow even more with the new Swiss regulations

Switzerland is a country that has very well dyed-in-the-wool of the cryptocurrency market, posing itself among the world’s leading blockchain hubs. The country, officially...
npa japanesse crypto

Bitcoin [BTC] – Reports to Police on Suspicious Cryptocurrency Use in Japan Surge by...

The Japanese National Police Agency (NPA) announced on Thursday, December 6th, having received 5,944 reports on cases involving the misuse of cryptocurrencies to commit...

Koinly Partners With Australian Crypto Exchanges to Simplify The Tax Reporting For Traders

Australian Tax Office has called cryptocurrency investors to send reports about their crypto earnings. Major crypto exchanges in the country, CoinJar, Cointree, and Swyftx...

Thailand approves decrees for cryptocurrencies regulation

The Thai government has given its approval for the long-waited tax framework that stipulates cryptocurrency transactions regulation in said country. The announcement was made...
Brazil will begin to tax the activity with cryptocurrencies

Brazil will begin to tax the activity with cryptocurrencies

One of the situations that less happy should have to the crypto community in Brazil, is that in that South American country the authorities...

Banks in Australia won’t barren transactions for buying Bitcoins

Four banks of Australia have discarded banning users from buying cryptocurrencies through their services, a news that comes after a series of negative bulletins...

US OCC Allows Charted Financial Institutions to Participate in Running nodes on Public Blockchains...

The US Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) has allowed federally-charted banks and thrifts to participate in running nodes on public blockchains and use stablecoin for payment activities and “other bank-permissible functions.”
IRS Cryptocurrency

The IRS is Now Sending CP2000 Letters to Crypto Traders informing them of Wrongfully...

After sending warning letters to crypto traders for missing out on filing their returns for the 2017 financial year, the IRS has migrated to...