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Bitfinex Published New Honey Framework UI v3.1.1

Bitfinex Released Honey Framework UI v3.1 Adding Better Support for MacOS

Bitfinex launched the latest version of its open-source charting library, Honey Framework. The latest version is v3.1 and, according to the exchange, has significant...
China exchanges prohibition

Chinese Regulators Strive to Block Mainland Users from Accessing Offshore Exchanges

Chinese regulators have moved to block access to overseas exchanges within mainland China. The decision was taken to stop internet users in China from...

Musicoin aims to create new paradigm in the music industry

Blockchain technology has managed to permeate almost every industry, and music is no exception. The music industry has many intermediaries that are part of...

Auctus: transparent pension funds with Blockchain technology

The scope of blockchain technology is still in a major acceptance boom. In this regard, we will talk about the Auctus Project, which was...
S&P Dow Jones Indices

Former UBS Employee Claude Waelchli Launches Tokenyz a Digital Based Securities Platform

While many would think the crypto space is crowded since there are many digital securities platform exchange, for Claude Waelchli, former UBS employee there's...

Stargroup advances in the Australian market Bitcoin ATM

The Australian company Stargroup will advance in the Bitcoin ATM market for that country. Together with the company Digital X, they will work using...
How China FUD bolstered DeFi token activity?

How China FUD bolstered DeFi token activity?

A new analysis shows that despite the recent market dip because of Chinese FUD, DeFi assets are experiencing network growth and address activity. It...

Student May Have Attempted to Hack West Virginia’s Blockchain Voting App

The Federal agency is investigating an attempted hacking attack by a Michigan Student. The suspected attack is said to have targeted the West Virginias...
Brazil’s largest brokerage firm to incorporate crypto trading

Brazil’s largest brokerage firm to incorporate crypto trading

Brazil’s biggest brokerage firm, Grupo XP, has confirm its intentions to incorporate cryptocurrency trading into its system within the last quarter of 2018. The...
Crypto Analytics Firm Messari Raises $4M from Uncork Capital, Coinbase VC and Blockchain Capital

Crypto Analytics Firm Messari Raises $4M from Uncork Capital, Coinbase VC and Blockchain Capital

New York-based cryptocurrency analytics firm Messari has announced the closure of its six-month-long fund drive led by Uncork Capital. The firm raised $4 million...

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