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cryptocurrency news crypto economyLatest news about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies focused on companies in the sector.

More and more companies are starting to use blockchain and are entering the world of cryptocurrencies, which makes this technology increasingly closer to being used by the people.

In this section, we will publish the latest news about the companies that use or want to start using blockchain in their day to day, the mergers and collaborations of these and all the news of interest always under the journalistic rigor that characterizes us.

Coinbase Cryptocribs

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Praises CryptoCribs for Innovation

With the popularity of cryptocurrencies and ICOs growing, there are  many companies launching ICOs not because they have any project of value to offer...
Coinbase SegWit

Coinbase will implement SegWit in the coming weeks

Cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase has just announced it will implement the Segregated Witness upgrade (SegWit) in the upcoming weeks, a much hyped announcement that...
Stripe Bitcoin

Stripe suspends its Bitcoin payment support

Stripe, another payment processor has suspended support for Bitcoin citing transaction fees and the impracticability of using the digital currency for micro payments. The...
Bitfury security

Bitfury joins the fight against Bitcoin crime with its new Crystal software

The Bitfury Group has announced that from January 30 its new proprietary software Crystal is available, designed as a blockchain research tool for financial...

Unicef will use miners to help Syrian children

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has just launched a project called Gamer Chaingers. With the initiative they want to take advantage of the...
Tangem billetes

Tangem: Cryptocurrencies in smart banknotes

While it is true that the fundamental nature of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin is to be primarily digital, it is not unreasonable to see...
Coinfinity transaction

Coinfinity executes a transaction at an ATM with Lightning Network support

Austrian company Coinfinity is going to add up a new distinction to its record, for it has successfully executed the first Bitcoin ATM transaction...
samsung mining

Samsung enters the market of cryptocurrencies with ASIC

South Korea's Samsung Electronics has just announced the closure of a contract to supply ASIC to the Chinese company HW, a manufacturer of virtual...
cheetah wallet

Cheetah Mobile already has its own wallet for Bitcoin and Ethereum

Chinese mobile application company Cheetah Mobile announced the launch of a new cryptocurrency wallet called Safe Wallet. Cheetah Mobile manufactures security products that include...

CURRENT: Getting payied for play the media you love

In the agenda of ICO's that continues to grow for this Q1 of 2018 one of the most promising is the Current ecosystem that will...

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