New Film to Reveal the Story Behind Dogecoin’s Rise to Success

New film to reveal the story behind Dogecoin's rise to success
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A team of filmmakers and community members are creating a feature documentary to honor the Shiba Inu dog that, at the age of 17, served as the foundation for the well-known Dogecoin (DOGE) cryptocurrency.

Kabosu, the Shiba Inu seen in the original Doge meme, has sparked tremendous excitement around a coin with a market worth of $11.8 billion, a life philosophy, and several trips to Japan in the previous decade.

The iconic Shiba Inu dog meme inspired the creation of Dogecoin, the world’s leading meme cryptocurrency. However, its value increased in 2021, with celebrities, businessmen, and internet communities endorsing it.

New documentary will celebrate almost two decades of Dogecoin (DOGE)

The adventure began when Atsuko Sato uploaded a picture of her dog Kabosu, who was allegedly born in a dog breeder’s home that had gone bankrupt. The picture, however, quickly became popular online and was shared by thousands of people all over the world.

When finished, this documentary will be the first-ever feature-length film on Doge, according to a Twitter user and self-proclaimed true believer in Doge with the username “tridog.”

According to Tridog, they have been quietly developing the “dogumentary” in Japan as well as the United States. They have already spoken with a number of notable individuals associated with the Dogecoin (DOGE) ecosystem, including Kabosu, the “Doge,” Atsuko Sato, the teacher who saved her, John Monarch, the brain behind the first “Doge” meme, and many others. He said,

“Our goal is to tell the inspirational story of Doge and her incredible impact on the world,” among others.

It is time for a dogumentary

The “Doge believer” claimed that they wanted individuals and other brands to be aware of and understand how a simple image of a dog has brought people together for fun “again and again” by spreading joy and happiness throughout the world.

John Monarch, the person behind the original meme, also expressed his excitement at taking part in the Doge documentary.

“This community is awesome and incredibly positive,” he maintained. “Was able to go film in February and talk about the first meme and why I made such a dumb post that somehow blew up.”

Despite its fluctuating nature, Dogecoin continues to capture the imagination of internet culture and remains one of the favorites among crypto enthusiasts.

Several businesses are now accepting the memecoin as a payment method. While some view it as a risky investment, others see it as a fun and playful alternative to more traditional forms of currency. It can also be regarded as the preferred crypto of the billionaire Elon Musk.


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