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NeoRay Takes NEO Smart Contract Development to a Whole New Level

NeoRay is a super tool designed by NewEconoLab [NEL], that integrates the compilation, deployment, invocation, and debugging of smart contracts.

In the past NewEconoLab had released the neon_debug_gui debugging tool for smart contracts, NeoRay is a more developed online version.

The tool is a one-stop debugging tool that fastens the debugging process from contract code and does not require users to configure the environment they simply open the web and use it. NeoRay consists of;

  • Wallet.
  • A simple code compiler.
  • A transaction result parser connected to NEO TestNet.

What is a Debugger?

A debugger is a computer program used to test and debug a target program. Also known as a debugging tool, use instruction-set stimulators instead of a running program directly on the processor in order to achieve high level of control over its execution.

Whenever a program crashes, debuggers show the location of the error in the target program.

How to Use the NeoRay Debugger

How to Use the NeoRay Debugger

  1. First users need to have the NEO wallet. Those who don’t have the wallet can create a new wallet on the NEO login page. –It is important to ensure you have enough TestNet Gas in your wallet.
  2. Enter the smart contract code into the debugging tool and ‘click and compile’ the code into AMV that can be deployed. –In case the compilation fails, either the code syntax is incorrect or the necessary references are missing.
  3. Deploy the complied contract code to the network then wait for the transaction to be confirmed.
  4. Choose a contract that you have deployed. You might as well enter the contract hash directly to call other user’s contracts.
  5. Fill call parameters and click on the call transaction to send a transaction that calls the contract.
  6. Select a transaction that you have already issued to debug. You’ll see ‘AVM, Careinfo and log/notify’ in the middle of your screen.
  7. Click on the log/notify and check the information to see the complete contract execution results.
  8. Click on AVM to view the corresponding contract code and stack data.

NEO is a blockchain and cryptocurrency platform designed to build a scalable network of decentralized applications. This super tool is a climb-up-the-ladder for the entire NEO community.

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