NEO effects its airdrop and distributes Ontology (ONT)

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On March 1, the first part of the NEO airdrop was carried out, where Ontology tokens (ONT) were distributed to the NEO holders in their portfolios, the distribution was 0.1 ONT for each accumulated NEO and the capture of the wallets for this cast was made in block 1,974,823.

20 million tokens will be distributed to the owners of NEO, as a reward for the support to the project, this distribution will be made in 2 phases and the same catch will be used in block 1,974,823 for both, a part will be distributed on March 1 and the other part in Q2 2018 after the launch of Ontology’s MainNet.

The exchanges Kukoin and Binance have supported the airdrop and distributed the tokens to those who had NEO in their wallets, they can also be obtained in all the private wallets.

Ontology is a Blockchain platform based on a decentralized trust system for companies. This platform will facilitate the use of the Blockchain to companies that do not have knowledge about distributed networks, which is a great step to eliminate existing barriers.

The Ontology team thus defines its project:

Ontology is a distributed blockchain / ledger network that combines distributed identity verification, data exchange, data collaboration, procedural protocols, communities, certification and various industry-specific modules. for a network of trust between peers through the chain, between systems, between industries, between applications and between devices. “

Ontology works to eliminate the problems that trusted networks are currently facing and the following:

  • Insufficient privacy protection (Users do not have control of their data)
  • Value of untapped data (Users lose the commercial potential of their data)
  • Confidence among collaborative systems (Lack of shared authority complicates consensus among different groups)
  • Weak reputation systems (There is a lack of comprehensive reputation and identity management systems).
  • Security issues in the exchange of data (Security risks make data sharing an unpopular choice).
  • Other problems (Equity management, identification of false information, realization of charitable donations …)

The Ontology Team is comprised of experts in the development and application of Blockchain in all industries, as well as by leading architects of global financial institutions. Together they have already provided Blockchain solutions to a series of financial institutions, banks among others.


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