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neluns the new generation blockchain bank
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One of the activities that is most benefiting from the application of blockchain solutions is banking and financial activity in general. Important platforms are beginning to develop that are giving a historic shift to the concept of banking and financial services, with a vision of approaching the client, security and transparency, with the ability to create more dynamic and fluid financial environments, all by the hand of cryptography . In this sense, this time we will talk about Neluns and its financial ecosystem.


Is presented as a new generation bank that forms a financial ecosystem in which a bank that will operate both cryptocurrency and fiduciary money, an exchange of cryptocurrencies, and an insurance company, are all under the same umbrella blockchain tokenized . Thus, the Neluns ecosystem specifically includes:

  • Neluns Bank: The strong point of the ecosystem conceptually speaking, will be a new generation bank that will offer a complete variety of banking services, both with fiduciary money and in cryptocurrencies.
  • Neluns Exchange: Its own cryptocurrency exchange platform that will help make commercial cryptocurrency operations safer and faster, while making them accessible to users.
  • Neluns Insurance: The incorporation of the services of an insurance company to this group is an innovative point that allows any transaction carried out by users of the ecosystem to be insured.

From the perspective of traditional banking

Neluns users can access all kinds of traditional banking services and products such as debit and credit cards Visa, Mastercard and American Express, make deposits at interest, make and receive funds transfers globally , receive loans in both fiduciary money and cryptocurrencies, among others.

From the cryptographic perspective

Also incorporates its trading platform with which users can buy and sell their cryptocurrencies with ease and with direct charge to their fiduciary or cryptocurrency assets, as well as obtain loans directly from other users in cryptocurrencies , and perform all kinds of banking operations in cryptocurrency.

Neluns bank exchange and insurance blockchain

Has devised its own token, the NLS, compatible with the ERC-20 standard, which is a security token which will provide its holders with a 50 percent dividend based on the profits of the Neluns ecosystem (Neluns Bank, Neluns Exchange , Neluns Insurance). The dividends will be distributed quarterly and pro rata of the amount of tokens that each holder possesses.

Neluns is in the pre-sale phase of his token, after which his ICO will formally be carried out. The base price will be 1 token NLS = 1 USD.

The vision of facilitating in the same functional platform all the possibilities of operating both fiduciary money and cryptocurrency is an important step in facilitating the incorporation of cryptography into the universe of financial services without excluding the traditional sense. Neluns has also developed their  mobile applications for iOs and Android respectively.

To learn more about the project, its pre-sales, pre-ICO and ICO phases, as well as its novelties, we recommend visiting its website, or revising its WhitePaper, as well as joining its Telegram channel.


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