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MyBit: a turnaround for income generation by the hand of Blockchain

Much is being said about IoT – Internet Of Things -. In this infinite spectrum that is internet trends continue turning in new features. MyBit people have created a platform where small-scale investors can enjoy the benefits of large-scale investment. In very simple terms, individuals are able to pool financial resources to buy machines that generate income. Instead of huge initial capital investments, a group of investors can work together to buy machines that generate profits and then can receive return revenue from those machines in near real time. The connection of these IoT machines makes use and distribution almost instantaneous income.

The system is based on blockchain technology. The technology creates a distributed accounting system in which the information and investment of each part is transparent and the income generated is immediately credited to the investor. Traditional investment firms have centralized business models. These allow the benefits to be swallowed up by large management teams and infrastructures. MyBit replaces these heavy infrastructure models with blockchain, distributing the investment and return directly into the hands of the users. That is decentralization and genuine benefits.

To understand in practice the model proposed by MyBit we will explain as an example the case of a 3D printer in an orthodontic office. The printer is being rented by the orthodontist in order to create models of the patient’s teeth. The printer, however, is worth perhaps $ 100,000, and the orthodontist is paying a high cost of rent, along with the purchase of the cost of consumables. The machine itself is connected to the Internet and provides real-time feedback on usage and condition. Instead of a single large-scale investor, the printer is owned by perhaps a hundred individual investors who have each invested $ 1000. Each month, when the rent is paid and the consumables are ordered, each investor receives instantly their share of the rent payment. The orthodontist is happy because the income is increasing, and investors are happy with the rapid return on investment.


MyBit allows the business to move forward by partnering with distributed investors while producing a seamless revenue stream for small-scale investors.

MyBit recently completed its ICO. The benefit of MyBit ICO is that the returns from investors are not tied only to the value of the currency, but to the investment that the currency has bought. This means that investors can receive an almost immediate return on investments, maintaining the value in the currency.

The price of currencies is expected to increase exponentially. The company has already signed deals in Germany and Dubai, and investment platforms are opening up around the world.

The IOT will continue to be a revenue generating point, and MyBit promises to move investors to this space at any level they feel comfortable, maintaining the inherent value of the investment and promoting business development.

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