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Monoreto: Social network and tokenized contents

Among the blockchain platforms whose projects are postulating their ICOs to the market, they are highlighting those related to social media solutions, such as the Monoreto social network. This platform presented as a social network built on blockchain will help users to monetize their content and the interactions between them, and we will talk about it here.

The income of the networks depends on the user’s content, the history of actions and interactions with other users. The products are not produced by developers, since they are responsible for backing the platform, storing user data and selling to the audience through advertisers.

Although users do not receive funds for creating content or sharing their data, they can be manipulated. The authors with more fame promote the goods and services in an explicit or hidden way. A survey conducted by Harris Insights & Analytics indicates that people aged 16 to 19 and 20 to 39 do not want to see messages from brands in their news and that more than 50% of users are less active in the networks because of their excessive publicity. Given this crisis, users are disappointed not to get what they want, content authors have no fair rewards and advertisers pay for annoying ads that do not sell.

Monoreto seek not only to foster relationships between bloggers and subscribers with less annoying advertising. Try the interaction and the quality of the content to create a loyal audience. In addition, the platform will implement content verification tools to identify unique content and to reward authors instead of pirates.

This social network based on blockchain allows users to maintain the process of interactions. The tokens of this network will encourage more transparent interactions, linking the usual actions to social networks.

The developers care about the authors and the high quality content: As long as it is a good content of photo and video, this will allow users to earn more cash and much more if you have many likes of other users, making all value be monetized.

A user can earn up to 5 daily tokens (which would be more or less 5 cents) more if users see and like the content. This platform will also make bloggers more independent of advertisers, earning more for their publications. The unique content will be verified in order to differentiate them from pirates.

The advantages for Monoreto advertisers are the distribution of content in the natural environment of the social network and that will influence their popularity, so they will receive a great return on their advertising investment and their money will end up going to their photographer, blogger, actor or even Another preferred business that you decide to support instead of an advertising broker. There is unquestionably justice in all this.

The native token of the platform is the MNR, compatible with the ERC-20 standard, with a limited emission. The distribution of the tokens will be done through an intelligent contract.

The pre-ICO MNR tokens distribution campaign starts on May 10, 2018 and continues until June 10, 2018.

To know more details about this social network, as well as to be updated with regard to the ICO, you can follow them at their Telegram channel.


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