Metaverse Startup Gemba Raises $18M to Scale its VR Training Tool

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Gemba, a virtual reality (VR) startup, has just secured a $18 million Series A funding round at a $60 million valuation to scale the company’s expansion in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) along with the North American market.

The metaverse is rapidly transforming how users interact with the internet. Touted as “Web3”, the metaverse allows users to have more autonomy, control and aims to deliver life-like experiences in an online 3D space. Several industries such as education, real estate and entertainment along with other sectors have started adopting the concept of metaverse at an exponential rate. Scores of global conglomerates like, Nike, Boeing, JP Morgan, Samsung, Facebook among many other multi billion dollar companies have already dipped their toes in the waters of metaverse.

Fresh Funding to Scale Operations

On January 25, Gemba, announced the company closed a fresh funding round in an effort to expand and pushing forward the “Virtual Reality-as-a-Service (VRaaS) market“. The fundraise was led by New York investor Parkway Venture Capital and will be used to accelerate the company’s growth in EMEA and to fund the expansion into the North American market as the company leads the way in the new Virtual Reality as a Service (VRaaS) corporate training space. Jesse Coors-Blankenship, Co-founder and General Partner at Parkway Venture Capital said,

“We are excited to welcome Gemba to our growing portfolio of pioneering technologies of the future – at the intersection of AI, VR and simulation.”


Gemba Aims to Solve the Growing Need for Training Solutions

Founded back in 2010, Gemba counts high profile companies such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Pfizer and Carlsberg among its clients. The london based metaverse company has created a platform combining its VR headsets with software and content to help enterprises train distributed workforces across multiple sites.

With the new capital, Gemba aims to create an immersive virtual world of training simulations, tools and learning experiences that will be made accessible via an online app store from any location.As per the offical blogpost, the company is also planning to build customizable virtual colocation spaces, adaptable mixed reality spaces and AI-powered consultants for enterprises to use its platform at a large scale.

Nathan Robinson CEO at Gemba explained the challenges faced by companies today to conduct effective training at scale, in a compelling and cost-efficient way. He added,

“Gemba is at the forefront of a new enterprise metaverse. It’s virtual, hands-on, cost efficient and the VR learning experience is incredible, but it’s the real-world ROI that’s been beyond expectations for our customers. Gemba is the right solution at the right time.”


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