Meta Expands its Metaverse Project “Horizon Worlds” to Mobile and Web

Meta Expands its Metaverse Project "Horizon Worlds" to Mobile and Web
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Meta announced on Thursday that it is expanding its “Horizon Worlds” metaverse ecosystem from virtual reality (VR) headsets to mobile devices and desktop web browsers.

According to the official blog post, Meta is rolling out the 3D avatar-based social platform that was previously exclusive to Quest headsets, on mobile and the web in an early access phase, starting with a multiplayer shooter called “Super Rumble.” The tech giant said that more experiences and worlds will be coming to the platform in the coming months.

The Expansion would boost Metaverse adoption

Meta emphasized the move would bolster metaverse adoption as the virtual world is becoming more and more integrated into society, each passing day. The social media behemonth further mentioned that as it rolls out more worlds over the next few months, users will be able to hang out with friends, laugh it up at comedy shows, and enjoy free concerts and events from any web-connected device.

Initially, only a small number of people will be able to access Horizon Worlds on the web or the Meta Quest app on Android, with an iOS rollout slated for the coming weeks. However, it will gradually open up the early access to more people after gathering feedbacks. Meta said,

“We’re testing things out for now, so you may not have access to Worlds on mobile and web just yet. Early access will roll out to more people gradually as we gather feedback and evolve the experience.”

The Expansion would boost Metaverse adoption

The innovative move comes hot on the heels after Meta announced collaboration with 15 universities across the United States to help college students learn using VR. In the wake of a growing momentum for VR education tools, Meta will also roll out dedicated education shelves in the Meta Quest store. The company said,

“We’re announcing a new partnership program to help college students in the US learn using VR and testing more ways to make it easier for Meta Quest users to find educational resources in the Meta Quest store.”

Meta Remains Dedicated to the Metaverse

It seems, Meta isn’t giving up on its metaverse dream despite Reality Labs, the metaverse-focused division within the company, has continued to operate at a loss. Despite incurring billion of dollars worth of losses, Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg had previously emphasized the company “remains fully committed to the Metaverse vision.”

As a matter of fact, Meta plans to invest more in the space, such as the upcoming – Meta Quest 3, touted as the “next-generation virtual and mixed reality headset.” Aside from the Quest lineup, Meta is also building future AR glasses and wrist devices for controlling them.


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