Massive Tokens Unlock In February: These will be the cryptos affected

Crypto February: Millionaire Tokens Unlocks Test the Market
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  • February Unlocks: Almost $1 billion worth of token releases are anticipated in projects such as APT, IMX, and SUI.
  • Aptos (APT) in Focus: APT leads with $230 million unlocked on February 12, facing resistance at $9.10 and risk of a pullback to $8.20.
  • Investor Imperatives: Bearish indicators on IMX, SUI, SEI, and ROSE signal caution, with pullbacks and possible price declines on the horizon.

In February, the cryptocurrency market will experience major tokens unlocks, with a total value close to $1 billion.

Among the notable releases, Aptos (APT) leads with $230 million scheduled for February 12.

Despite previous releases that had little impact on its price, it currently faces significant resistance at $9.10, with indicators suggesting a possible pullback to $8.20.

Immutable (IMX), plans to unlock $70 million on February 23.

Although it recently experienced an upward channeling, indicators such as the RSI and MACD point to bearish momentum, possibly falling to $1.80 if buying pressure does not emerge.

Sui (SUI) is among the first to release tokens in February, with $100 million scheduled.

Historically, early tokens unlocks suggest substantial returns

However, signals such as the +DI and -DI crossover indicate a decline in buyers dominance, possibly taking the price to $1.25 – $1.32 levels according to the Fibonacci retracement.

Massive Token Unlock In February: These will be the cryptos affected

Sei Network (SEI) will release $85 million on February 15.

Despite previous breakouts with little impact, signals from the Awesome Oscillator and Chaikin Money Flow indicate a possible decline in price, with a potential drop to $0.55.

Oasis Network (ROSE) will experience the lowest breakout at $19 million on February 18.

At present, the cryptocurrency’s value resides beneath both the 9-period and 20-period moving averages, indicating a prevailing bearish sentiment in the market.

This implies that the current market conditions are exerting downward pressure on the cryptocurrency’s price, as it struggles to surpass the short-term and slightly longer-term average price levels.

February will see a series of significant unlocks of tokens that could influence the prices of Aptos, Immutable, Sui, Sei Network and Oasis Network.

Crypto market investors should be aware of these dates and carefully consider technical indicators before making investment decisions.


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