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Manchester City Signs up on FC Superstars Superbloke Online Gaming Platform Based on Blockchain

Fans of English football club Manchester City are set to get a unique experience after their club went into a partnership with Superbloke. Through this partnership, players will get a unique experience by being able to own digital assets of their favorite players through FC Superstars.

FC Superstars is an online gaming platform based on blockchain technology; however, through its partnership with Manchester City, fans get unique features. While the end game here is to enable fans to engage with their favorite players on a personal level, tokenization will unveil other opportunities.

How FC Superstars Works

First and foremost, FC Superstars will tokenize the players make them available as digital assets. The latter will enable fans to be able to collect and retain assets as their own. However, that’s not the fun part of it. Tokenization will also come with some additional unique features. Digital assets will enable fans to create and grow football star tokens, which will turn to digital teams.

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Further on, the latter gives fans the ability to train their digital teams by using real-life match stats and in-game training. Manchester City digital player cards will be in place for the above task. While FC Superstars is for football fans, for Superbloke, the partnership will translate it to become the club’s Gacha partner in South East Asia, Japan, and Korea. Besides that, Manchester City hopes to reap more from this partnership. While commenting on its new partnership Damian Willoughby, Senior Vice President of Partnerships for City Football Group said;

As we mark this new milestone, we hope this partnership will help us grow our relationship by enabling us to give our fans a unique experience. Besides that, we are happy to welcome Superbloke to or family. We also hope Superbloke will help us expand our knowledge in this emerging industry.

On the other hand, Nak-Hyoung Kim Superbloke Chief Strategy Officer had the following to say;

At Superbloke, this is a fantastic opportunity to expand our vision in the gaming sector by using blockchain technology. With Manchester City as our partner, we will achieve our vision of enabling football fans to own the digital assets once they collect them.

Though this is a start, down the line, this partnership will enable parties to go beyond FC Superstars.

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