Manchester City Launches New NFT Collection Linked to Limited-Edition Jerseys

manchester city okx nft
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  • Manchester City and OKX will launch a collection of NFTs linked to limited edition jerseys and exclusive matchday experiences.
  • The collaboration is part of the growing trend of merging the sports world with blockchain technology, attracting new audiences and creating innovative products.
  • Fans will be able to acquire unique NFTs through the OKX app, unlocking exclusive experiences such as playing on the field during a match or receiving an exclusive jersey.

The football club Manchester City and OKX are gearing up to release a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) linked to limited edition jerseys and exclusive matchday experiences. This collaboration adds to the list of mergers between the sports world and blockchain technology, which have been creating innovative products and attracting new audiences.

The “Unseen City Shirts” campaign adds a new chapter to the long-term partnership between the citizens and OKX, which has been growing since its inception in March 2022. This collaboration aims to celebrate the passion for football alongside the fans, and also to explore the new frontiers emerging between the digital and sports worlds.

Fans can acquire unique NFTs through the OKX app, which are linked to limited edition football jerseys designed exclusively for this collection. The jerseys showcase hand-painted elements by the talented artist Christian Jeffery and incorporate iconic symbols of Manchester, such as the Lancashire rose and the city’s worker bee.

The central focus of the collaboration is on the exclusive experiences that can be unlocked through the possession of certain NFTs. For example, the five ultra-rare NFTs will offer the opportunity to play on the field during a Manchester City match, along with two tickets to the event and a limited edition jersey. Additionally, another five rare NFTs grant access to a stadium tour, hospitality ticket, and an exclusive jersey featuring “The Roses and the Bees” design.

manchester city okx nft

Manchester City Embraces Blockchain Technology

The initiative aims to reward the most loyal citizens with unique products and experiences, as well as to attract a wider and more technologically inclined audience. The introduction of digital ownership in the sports and entertainment world is the next step in driving the adoption of NFTs.

Nuria Tarré, Manchester City’s director of marketing and fan experience, emphasized the importance of this initiative for the club’s goal of connecting with a more diverse and technologically advanced audience. According to Tarré, digital ownership is an integral part of Manchester City’s vision for the future, where technology and innovation merge with the excitement of football.

Through this collection of NFTs and exclusive experiences, both partners are redefining how fans interact with their favorite team and experience the world of football in the digital age.


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