Litecoin Foundation Partners With Hub to Hold Virtual Events Easier

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Litecoin Foundation announced a new partnership with Hub that helps virtual and hybrid events easier. These events are significant for the crypto community that is seeking more news and learning events from Litecoin. The partnership makes it easier for Litecoin Foundation to connect with fans and members – especially in current challenging times.

Holding Virtual Events Easier and Faster

Virtual events are the new norm in the tech industry. Many big conferences and exhibitions were held virtually in the past year. Platforms that help companies have virtual events easier are rising and attracting more users. Hub is one of them that focuses on enterprise-level services. Their new partnership with Litecoin Foundation brings those services to the crypto community.

The recent partnership between Hub and Litecoin Foundation not only makes it easier to hold virtual events but also helps the 1,00,00 members of the Litecoin community to connect with each other easier. 

Eric Ly, the founder of Hub, said about the recent partnership:

“We are delighted to support the need for engagement during COVID times when it is difficult for the Litecoin Foundation to engage with its community through face-to-face events. Hub also enables the global community of the Litecoin Foundation to interact and rewards members for meaningful and trustworthy interactions.”


The new partnership with Hub helps the Litecoin Foundation to grow the community and increase the level of engagement in the network, too. They have to keep their interactions with members to also show the community is alive and progressing. One of the recent partnerships’ essential products is a virtual event series called The Litecoin Series that delivers news about Litecoin to members.

Hub, a cryptocurrency-based platform for online interaction, helps projects like Litecoin engage their community members more comfortably. Their partnership with Litecoin is the latest of its kind that surely will help the community in the COVID era. Charlie Lee, Managing Director of Litecoin Foundation, said about the recent partnership:

“With the pandemic still affecting the globe, we were searching for a platform that could effectively deliver virtual for our global community. We are excited to partner with Hub to continue to engage with our community in a new and even more engaging way.”

The latest Litecoin Series resulting from the partnership with Hub delivered some exciting news for the Litecoin community. The essential information was the Litecoin Visa Card launch and a limited-edition Silver Litecoin Block Ballet wallet.

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