Layer-2 Blockchain Blast Halts Operations Amid Ethereum’s Dencun Upgrade

Layer-2 Blockchain Blast Halts Operations Amid Ethereum's Dencun Upgrade
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  • Layer 2 blockchain network Blast has stopped producing blocks due to issues related to Ethereum’s Dencun upgrade.
  • Blast’s core engineers are working on a solution to address these issues.
  • An update and post-mortem analysis is expected once the fix is ​​implemented.

Blast, the layer-2 blockchain network built on Ethereum, has experienced a halt in operations following the implementation of Ethereum’s long-awaited Dencun upgrade.

This outage is attributed to technical issues associated with the Ethereum mainnet upgrade.

The Blast network, known for being an Ethereum scaling solution, has reported through its X account that its mainnet has stopped producing blocks as a result of issues related to Ethereum’s Dencun upgrade.

The project engineering team  is currently dedicating its efforts to finding a solution to these problems.

This setback comes just after Blast’s mainnet launch in late February, a moment that marked a major milestone for the network.

However, the outage has highlighted the inherent fragility of layer 2 networks that depend on the underlying Ethereum infrastructure.

Layer-2 Blockchain Blast Halts Operations Amid Ethereum Dencun Upgrade

Despite this setback, Blast has proven to be an attractive option for users

It currently has over $2.3 billion in funds locked in its Ethereum bridge ahead of the mainnet launch.

Although there was initially a decline in funds locked after launch, the network has continued to attract more funds, totaling over $2.9 billion in total value locked (TVL) to date.

The team behind the project, known for their work on the successful NFT marketplace Blur, has used incentives such as airdrops to attract users to their platform.

However, this event serves to underscore the critical role that the stability and reliability of the foundational infrastructure play in both the adoption and sustained prosperity of Layer 2 solutions within the blockchain ecosystem.

Once the network issues have been resolved, the project is expected to deliver an additional update, providing users with further information and insights into the situation.

Users and observers of the blockchain space are attentive to how Blast will address this situation and how it will affect its position in the Ethereum ecosystem in the near future.


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