L3 Liquidity Protocol Orbs Launches Perpetual Hub: Enhancing Capital Efficiency in On-Chain Futures

orbs perpetual hub
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  • Orbs has launched Perpetual Hub, a solution for on-chain perpetual futures trading, aiming to maximize capital efficiency and trading value.
  • Perpetual Hub leverages Orbs’ L3 technology to provide centralized finance (CeFi) execution within decentralized finance (DeFi),
  • The platform includes Hedger, Liquidator, and Price Oracle components, designed to assist traders in optimizing their operations.

Orbs, a company renowned for its innovation in Layer-3 liquidity protocols, has announced the release of Perpetual Hub, a solution tailored for on-chain perpetual futures trading. Unveiled on May 30, the new platform’s primary objective is to maximize capital efficiency and trading value through an intent-based approach.

Unlike previous solutions relying on order books and virtual liquidity mechanisms, Perpetual Hub harnesses Orbs’ advanced L3 technology to bring centralized finance (CeFi) execution to the decentralized finance (DeFi) realm. This achievement is realized through a strategic collaboration with SYMMIO and IntentX, two companies specializing in DeFi solutions development.

The platform provides a complete suite of tools designed to assist traders in optimizing their on-chain perpetual futures operations. Ran Hammer, Orbs’ Vice President of Business Development, stated that the platform will remove several obstacles for individuals utilizing blockchain technology on a daily basis. Hammer emphasized that perpetual futures trading is significantly more popular than spot trading, and now they offer the best solution for on-chain futures traders, solidifying their leadership position in the DeFi sector.

orbs perpetual hub

Perpetual Hub: The Ultimate Tool For Traders

The main components of the platform include Hedger, Liquidator, and Price Oracle. Hedger, powered by SYMMIO, acts as a market maker providing liquidity and connecting to external liquidity sources such as decentralized exchanges (DEXs).Liquidator enables users to liquidate positions when collateral values fall below maintenance margins, generating income for their services and maintaining market stability. Finally, Price Oracle delivers precise price data both on-chain and off-chain, crucial for calculating unrealized gains and losses, identifying liquidation points, and executing orders.

With a total value locked (TVL) in on-chain derivatives of $3.4 billion, the solution emerges as an attractive option for DeFi market participants. Supported by the Orbs network and its proof-of-stake (PoS) ecosystem, this platform enables other players in the DeFi space to offer a wide range of decentralized services for futures trading.


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