Kraken Holds Block Drop VR Party to Celebrate Bitcoin Halving

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Kraken announced a VR party for celebrating bitcoin halving. The Reckless VR will collaborate with Kraken in holding the party. The party will hold on May 10th from 16:00 to 20:00 UTC. Some famous actors of the cryptocurrency community will attend the party, and there will be talks and giveaways for attendees.

“At Kraken, we want to celebrate Bitcoin for all it continues to accomplish in the fight for a better financial system. That’s why we’re committed to bringing Bitcoiners together for a memorable experience, despite the global uncertainty currently keeping so many apart,” said Kraken in the announcement post.

Celebrating the Bitcoin Halving in VR Experience

The novel coronavirus pandemic and the social distancing measures to reduce the impact of the virus have caused many tech-related events to cancel, postpone, or hold virtually. Blockchain events, the best way for spreading the word about the technologies and features, have faced impacts of the COVID-19 crisis, too. Many of the events have been canceled, but many more are trying to hold virtual events to keep communication and networking alive. Kraken’s Block Drop party is the latest one to be held virtually as a meeting to celebrate the bitcoin halving.

Kraken tries to make a unique experience for users interested in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies by holding its event with VR experience. Reckless VR, a famous name among VR event holders, will help the exchange in the upcoming event. They hold VR meetups every week that leading actors of the cryptocurrency ecosystem give a talk in them. Kraken will start supporting Reckless VR events, too.

Kraken has thought about some giveaways for attendees in Block Drop, too. A Free Oculus Quest, Kraken t-shirts, and many more items are included in giveaways. Besides, some of the experts from Kraken, like Dan Held, Pete Rizzo, Pierre Rochard, and Jesse Powell, CEO at Kraken, will give talks during the event.

Kraken will stream the event live on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube channels. So, the interested users who don’t have VR headsets can follow the Block Drop, too. More details about the event will be published under the #BlackDrop hashtag on twitter.


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