Kraken Announced Four New Account Security Enhancements


Kraken announced the addition of four new features to improve the security layers of its accounts. The latest enhancements are focused on the client-side and include some changes in UI, too.

Kraken’s Chief Security Officer has worked with the Product and Engineering team to develop the new features. Four new security features in Kraken Exchange are Security Shield, Security Checkup, Device Approvals, and Device Management.

More Security, More User Satisfaction

One of the biggest challenges of running a cryptocurrency exchange is security and privacy. Lots of users trust exchanges to store their savings and trade in the hope of more earning. Criminals see these platforms as a gold mine and try their best to hack users’ accounts or the platform as a whole.

Kraken exchange is one of the leading crypto exchanges in the world. The exchange team has tried its best to offer the top levels of security in both back-end and front-end.

Although many of the security teams’ efforts are not visible to regular users, the new features in Kraken are all focused on the client-side.


Security Shield is one of the new security enhancement in the Kraken platform. It shows a green or red shield in the top right corner of the account page to display the users that their account is safe or not. When the user clicks on the shield, the Security Checkup page loads that help them improve their accounts’ security in a step-by-step guide.

Device Approval is another security feature in Kraken that helps users approve or deny any new device trying to sign-in to the account. With this feature’s help, anytime the attackers try to login to your account from their device – even if they have the credentials and 2FA code – they will be blocked until you approve the device.

This feature comes with a new section called Device Management in the Security Center. Users can see and manage all of their approved devices in the new section.

Offering new security features on the client-side helps Kraken show the importance of keeping accounts safe to users. Back-end security enhancements are always on the run, but client-side ones are more impactful in assisting users in trading with more security in mind.

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