Klaytn, the Public Blockchain Project of Korea’s Internet Giant Kakao, Partnered With Chainlink

Klaytn, the Public Blockchain Project of Korea's Internet Giant Kakao, Partnered With Chainlink

Chainlink found another partner and customer for its oracle solution. Kakao, the internet giant of South Korea, runs a public blockchain project named Klaytn.

They announced the partnership with Chainlink to integrate its decentralized oracle solution.

“@klaytn_official, the public blockchain project of Korea’s internet giant #Kakao, is integrating #Chainlink to bring secure & reliable real-world data and connections to legacy systems into their blockchain ecosystem,” tweeted Chainlink.

Practical Smart Contracts With Access to Real-World Data

Klaytn project is developed by Ground X, the blockchain arm of Kakao. This project provides a service-centered platform with easy to use tools for developers. The developing environment in Klaytn can be used to make various blockchain-based applications like smart contracts.

Smart contracts need access to real-world data to be more practical and useful for end-users. In other words, the contract that gets triggered by a change in real-world data can have vast use cases among traditional industries. Smart contracts deploy oracle solutions to get access to reliable data sources.

There are many oracle solutions available online, and Chainlink is among the best because of its decentralized nature. Besides, Chainlink’s oracle connects to more data feeds than others and aggregates the data, so it provides more accuracy and reliability to developers.

Klaytn team believes in the decentralized nature and accuracy of Chainlink’s oracle in providing real-world data. They chose the new partner to help developers inside their community to make more trusted applications.

“Chainlink can provide Klaytn with a secure oracle framework for building blockchain applications that interoperate with traditional infrastructure, increasing our capacity to develop more advanced products across a more diverse set of markets,” said Sangmin Seo, the Head of Platform Group at Ground X, heading the development of Klaytn.

Chainlink team believes that enabling oracle in Klaytn blockchain can help the Korean blockchain grow its user base.

“Klaytn can accelerate towards its goal of blockchain mass adoption with the addition of real-world connectivity made possible by Chainlink oracles,” said Sergey Nazarov, the Co-Founder of Chainlink.